This table gives the details of the elements contained The Coaching Revolution within each of the programmes we offer.


Let me add some detail for you.

ICF Accredited Marketing Courses

Most of our programmes lead to an ICF-accredited Diploma in Marketing For Coaches. That’s 19 CCEs – 18 RD and 1 Core Competency (ethics, obviously!).

The only programme we have that doesn’t lead to the qualification is one of our Ignite ones (see below for more information).

Length Of Programme

All our programmes last for a whole year. That’s because we want to keep our eyes on what you’re doing marketing-wise to give you relevant feedback and the very best opportunities to learn.

The opportunity to remain in our community beyond the first year is available on a membership basis.

Delivery Style

All modules for Accelerate, Advance and Momentum are delivered via live, online mentoring sessions.

Ignite modules are delivered via video training. The live element of the Ignite programmes is a bi-weekly, online Q&A session.

Pricing For The Coaching Revolution Programmes

  1. All our programmes have a 10 x monthly payment plan.
  2. There is no penalty for paying in instalments.
  3. All our prices include VAT.

Accelerate is our 1:1 programme. This is for coaches who need a bespoke programme. It costs £5750.

Momentum is our 1:6 group mentoring programme for coaches who want to find private clients (ie, people who pay for their own coaching). It costs £2900 until 1 February, when our new pricing is implemented. At that point, it will increase to £3400.

Advance is our 1:4 group mentoring programme for coaches who want to find corporate coaching clients (ie to deliver coaching that is paid for by the organisation, not the individual). It costs £3600 until 1 February when our new pricing is implemented. At that point, it will increase to £4200.

Asynchronous Programmes

Ignite is a 1:many group programmes. Ignite costs £1900

Ignite Plus is the same 1:many group programme enhanced with the additional elements of our programmes that are required to earn the ICF-accredited diploma. It costs £2500.

The Ignite Modules are delivered to an online membership area in the form of videos and workbooks on a two-weekly basis. There is a live Ignite Q&A every other Thursday from 8-9pm (UK), which is delivered by one of our experienced mentors.

The Ignite Modules are delivered to an online membership area in the form of videos and workbooks on a two-weekly basis. There is a live Ignite Q&A every two weeks. These are delivered on Thursdays from 8-9pm (UK) by one of our experienced mentors. Ignite Plus clients also have access to Foundations For Business Success sessions and group coaching, which gives them all the elements required to complete the ICF-accredited diploma and receive the 19 CCEs.

Other Elements of Our Programmes


Incrowd is our online community. It is where the accountability happens. It consists of a Facebook group, Monday Night Live*, a daily Zoom cafe, weekly accountability calls and co-working spaces.

All clients have access to Incrowd.

This community will become the highlight of your programme.

  • Where you get to hang out with other coaches who are all on the same journey as you.
  • It’s where you get ALL your questions answered.
  • And it’s the best environment anywhere to plant yourself in order to give yourself the best chances of success.

*Monday Night Live is a weekly class delivered at 10am and 8pm (UK). Each week we cover a topic that’s focused on building your coaching business and is pertinent, relevant and (sometimes) topical. We have a regular Q&A where you can turn up with any question – no need to submit it in advance – and get it answered.

The Vault

The Vault is The Coaching Revolution’s online repository of training videos, workbooks, spreadsheets and templates.

There is more than 350 hours of online training available to you all of which is specific to marketing a coaching business.

All clients have access to The Vault.

Foundations For Business Success

These classes are delivered in a 10-week cycle 3 times a year. We move them around the calendar to ensure that everyone is able to attend, no matter what time-zone you’re in.

Session topics:

  1. Resilience, Patience, Persistence and Curiosity
  2. Entrepreneur -v- Employee Mindset
  3. Getting Started With Canva
  4. Time Management
  5. The Structure Of A Sales Call
  6. Pricing & Packaging (part 1)
  7. Pricing & Packaging (part 2)
  8. The Money’s in the List (part 1)
  9. The Money’s in the List (part 2)
  10. How To Build Authority In Your Niche

Attendance at all 10 of these sessions is required as part of the ICF accreditation and each client has a full year (3 x cycles of F4BS) to do so.

Ignite (standard) does not have access to these sessions.

Group Coaching

Our programmes are taught programmes. This element of the programme is the only coaching that happens.

Each client – apart from Ignite – is offered 6 x session of group coaching to help them maintain momentum in the programme. These are offered part way through the mentoring sessions.

The sessions are delivered by an ICF accredited coach and clients benefit in a couple of ways:

  • 6 sessions of the magic that is group coaching.
  • See group coaching modelled so that they are able to consider adding a group coaching programme to their own offering.

Ignite does not have access to these sessions, Ignite Plus does.

If you’d like to speak with me about anything I’ve mentioned, please do feel free to schedule a call.

Nail Your Niche from The Coaching Revolution

You might also like to join me for The Coaching Revolution’s free 4-Day Challenge from 22-25 April, which you can do by clicking here. It’s an opportunity to work with me, for free, on the fundamentals of marketing your coaching business.