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The Coaching Revolution programmes all last for a year. The reason they last for a year is that ours are practical courses. You will begin to implement what you’re learning fairly quickly and we want to keep our eyes on what you’re doing. It’s easy to go off-track and we don’t let that happen to our clients.

Our programmes have ICF accreditation, which means you can be assured that what we teach is of high quality. More importantly, what we teach actually works!


Each programme comprises 5 elements,

  1. Mentoring
  2. Foundations for Business Success
  3. Group Coaching
  4. The Community
  5. The Vault

These elements combine to create a programme that encompasses everything a coach needs to know to grow a profitable business, have a positive impact on the world, and create an income that allows them to live life on their own terms.

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The Mentoring Element
the only element that varies between programmes
(other elements are the same)


Our two synchronous* group programmes are

Momentum (1:6 group mentoring) for those who want to attract private clients

Advance (1:4 group mentoring) is for those who want to attract ‘corporate’ clients. We use the word corporate to mean any organisation, whether in the private, public, or third sector.


*synchronous means that the classes are delivered live – on Zoom in our case.


Our two asynchronous programmes follow the Momentum curriculum. They are:

IgnitePlus is our larger group programme for those who wish to be able to learn in a self-paced manner. The live element of this programme is a bi-weekly Q&A. They are timed to suit all time zones.

IgniteStandard is the streamlined version of our programmes that maintains the core benefits while being more accessible to those with budget constraints. The bi-weekly Q&A is part of this programme.


Our bespoke programme is Accelerate.

This is a 1:1 programme that is completely flexible. It can be used to learn how to attract private or corporate clients. Coaches on our Accelerate programme benefit from having access to a variety of mentors, depending upon their area of specialism.



All The Course Elements


Across the top of the graphic to the left are all the elements of our programmes

Down the side are all the programmes.

You can find more information about each programme by clicking on the programme name below. You can find our more about the components of different elements in the Timeline details.

Momentum (Group mentoring 1:6 for private clients)

Advance (Group mentoring 1:4 for organisations and private clients)

Accelerate (1:1 mentoring for organisations and/or private clients)

Ignite – Standard and Plus (asynchronous mentoring sessions with live support via bi-weekly Q&A – good for timezones that might find UK times challenging)



All our  synchronous programmes start with a live (online) onboarding session and there is homework set at that point, and this is to be completed before the first mentoring session. Asynchronous programmes have an asynchronous onboarding.

Mentoring sessions span a five-month period (both synchronous and asynchronous).

Foundations For Business Success are 10 sessions that are repeated 3 times in any 12 month period to ensure that everyone can attend. They are moved around in terms of day/time to account for different timezones.
Click here for details of the topics covered in Foundations For Business Success.

Group mindset coaching is offered at around the 4th or 5th mentoring session. This is to support you to kill the mind monkeys – those nagging doubts that keep you stuck!

InCrowd, our fabulous community runs across the whole 12 months of our programmes.
Click here to see the (extensive) list of what’s contained within InCrowd. 


Our Programmes - click on the logo to find out more.

An asynchronous programme for coaches who want to engage private clients.
(Fee – £2500 or 10 x monthly payments of £250)

A 1:6 group mentoring programme for coaches who want to engage private clients.
(Fee – £3400 or 10 x monthly payments of £340)

A 1:4 group mentoring programme for coaches who want to engage corporate (organisational) clients.
(Fee – £4200 or 10 x monthly payments of £420)

1:1 mentoring programme for coaches who want to engage
corporate or private clients.
(Fee – £5750 or 10 x monthly payments of £575)

Click this icon for a Coaching Revolution brochure that details all programmes and pricing

An asynchronous programme for coaches who want to engage private clients. It does not contain all the elements of the other programmes.
(Fee – £1900 or 10 x monthly payments of £190)

“I can honestly say that not only does it do what it says on the tin, but heaps more besides. It is a community of kick-ass, engaged and engaging, supportive, inspiring, funny, and knowledgeable professional coaches.

I am continually learning and every single second that I spend with The Coaching Revolution pays dividends, literally!”


Sarah Clein

Coach, Wildflowerfire Coaching

“Hands down – the best investment I’ve made to date in my business! I’m a year on from starting and what a ride it’s been: 30+ new clients, multiple workshop & speaking gigs, making from my business what I used to make in full-time work!

Before The Coaching Revolution, I was always guessing with my marketing. Now, I know every month how many leads to expect and how many will become clients because this works.

If you’re on the fence, don’t be! There is no way I’d be where I am in business so quickly had it not been for Sarah and The Coaching Revolution. Take the leap of faith!”

Farrah Burke

Coach, The Grad Coach

“The Coaching Revolution DELIVERS.

The best decision I ever made for my business. From zero paying clients to a decent amount of paying clients after only a few months.

If you are in it for the long haul and understand that building a business will not be a quick financial fix, this is the course for you.

I am learning so much, and the marketing material is enjoyable. I also really appreciate Sarah’s down-to-earth, no-nonsense approach, and her mentors are beyond helpful and want to see me succeed.

Highly recommend.”

Lisa Sheeran

Coach, Speak Proud

Who is Sarah Short?

Sarah founded The Coaching Revolution in 2017 in response to the ICF global statistic that 82% of coaching businesses fail in the first two years. She started the company offering 1:1 mentoring only, and as time went on and her clients went from strength to strength, she increased the ways in which her programmes are delivered. When it was too much to do herself, she invited coaches who had been through her programme and build wonderful businesses to join her on the mentor team.

As there’s a lot of noise in the coaching space about client acquisition, Sarah applied for and received ICF accreditation for her programmes. This way, coaches know that they can trust that what’s being delivered at The Coaching Revolution has been checked our by the biggest professional body in our profession.

Sarah is the author of two best-selling books, A Coaching Business In A Book (first and second editions). The book is a straightforward and pragmatic account of what it takes to build a coaching business. Sarah pulls no punches with this book; she explains exactly what it takes to build the coaching business of your dreams and she also explains exactly how you do it. Sarah thinks most books on client acquisition for coaches are heavy on the what  and too light on the how and set out to create something more robust. Sarah’s book has been described as a ‘bible’ for new coaches.

Sarah is a talented and passionate public speaker who delivers free in-person sessions and webinars to coaches—e.g., ICF and EMCC groups, as well as coach training organisations—on all manner of topics related to marketing a coaching business. You can find out more about booking her to speak to your group here.


“I found Sarah Short and the Coaching Revolution through a tip-off from a coaching friend of mine and quickly realised that Sarah knows what she’s talking about.

Not only that, but she’s plain-speaking and warm-hearted enough to give honest feedback that really makes a difference.

I’ve joined many different online training courses and groups and can honestly say that I’ve never experienced anything as supportive and accepting as I have from The Coaching Revolution. I 100% found my tribe when I joined and can not recommend it high enough to anyone who needs help and support getting their coaching business off the ground.



Louise Jefferies


“The Coaching Revolution is the missing link that helps you turn all the thinking you’re doing and the frustration you’re feeling, into focused step-by-step action.

It does this by deeply understanding the process coaches go through on the course and putting support mechanisms in place so that you don’t fall off the wagon!

Yes, you need to work hard, but we all know that we need to do that for anything worth having.

The skills and mindset Sarah and the team impart as part of this community help to show the path to how you can make good money coaching.

Frances Lee-Rogers

Coach, Butterfly Development

“The Coaching Revolution is always evolving.

Sarah is a dynamo: always there, always improving the offering, always acting on feedback, and what she models actually works.

It just works.”

John Gilbert

Coach / Consultant, JJG Consultancy