Group Mentoring For Private Coaching Clients

£3400 (or 10 x £340)

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Have a chat with us. Let’s see if you’re a good fit for this programme. Good fit means:

1. You want a simple, pragmatic marketing process
2. You’re ready to do the work
3. You’ll earn an ICF accredited Marketing Diploma for Coaches – the only one available

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1. Comfortably
2. Confidently
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Become Visible

Implement your new skills while you’re still learning and fully supported.

1. Be seen in the right places
2. By the kind of coaching clients you want to attract
3. Learn how to do this consistently so that you can enjoy the fruits of your efforts


Momentum is far and away our
best-selling programme.

“Sarah is absolutely brilliant at putting her finger on exactly what needs to be said and done in the world of ‘Comfortable Marketing for Coaches’.

I have learned so much from her about marketing a coaching business and communicating in ways that others understand, as well as the practical business side of building a coaching business.

Forget all those who promise you a world of high-paying clients – Sarah’s guidance and approach really does work – practical, effective, down to earth value-for-money mentoring.” 

Caroline Takpken


“A refreshing, no b*llshit approach. No get rich quick claims just real results!

Amy Wilkinson


If you’re a coach who’s wondering “why does it seem more difficult to get clients than I thought” I would absolutely recommend getting in touch with Sarah. What Sarah doesn’t know about the business of running a coaching business isn’t worth knowing!

The Coaching Revolution is a fabulous community of amazing mentors and coaches with the aim of helping us get a grip on the business development side of things, and what they do works.

Jo Woods

Coach, Shine Wellness Coaching

Momentum Group Mentoring (for those who want private coaching clients)

Want high paying clients? Who doesn’t? However, what we really want is simply coaching clients who can – and will – pay a professional rate for our coaching, right? 

Our group mentoring programme will teach you a framework to seek out and secure lucrative new business, with the tools to implement it. There are no tricks, and no gimmicks. Just a tried and tested system that works for skilled, qualified coaches like you. 

  • Find out what kind of coach you are, and focus on your strengths.
  • Hone in on the type of client that’s looking for a coach with your skillset. 
  • Connect with this client, and onboard them. 

What’s On Offer?

Everything we do 1:1, delivered to small groups of maximum 6 coaches.

What do I need to invest?

£3400*, paid upfront , or through our ten-part payment plan.

Why Momentum Group Mentoring?

First and foremost, it’s cost effective. 

Secondly, there’s something about learning in a group that really works. You benefit not only from your own learning and feedback, but that of others too.

What Will I Receive?

An onboarding session to make sure that you understand all the benefits and additional support of Coaching Revolution membership.

10 x sessions of mentoring, spread across 20 weeks and offered to small 1:6 groups.

Click here to see the additional support provided in the bonuses available to all clients.

Are You A Great Coach, But Struggling To Find Clients?

End That Frustration Today!

You’re a skilled and qualified coach, but the treadmill of searching for, and securing new coaching clients, is zapping your energy. You feel frustrated and futile, tired of quick fixes that are supposed to produce a flurry of clients and don’t, but nothing that assures you of the steady drip you need.

Our group coaching programme teaches everything you need to know to market your coaching business comfortably and effectively in a small groups of 6 coaches.

In our sessions, we’ll teach you a simple, pragmatic marketing process that generates inbound enquiries from the kind of coaching clients you want to work with. Once implemented, you’ll be having regular conversations with potential clients who approach you, value your skills, and want to talk about options. Goodbye stressful hustle, hello queue of potential clients, primed to enjoy (and pay a premium for) your offer. 


Sounds Too Good To Be True?

Let’s clarify what’s on offer…

  • The coach you are – we’ll take a detailed look at your background, training, skills, and experience, helping you hone your offer to target the right clients (and repel the time wasters). 

  • Speaking of the right coaching clients, what do yours look like? We’ll help you discover those best served by a coach with your skills, and we’ll show you where to find them. 

  • What do your clients need to understand about your offer, and why it suits them?

  • Let’s turn the specific requirements of your clients into a clear marketing message that can’t fail to rupture their eardrums, light up their eyes, and have them booking into your diary for a chat.

  • Become visible to clients across a range of channels. No more chasing clients. Show up in the right places, and they’ll come to you.

  • Create a coaching offer that precisely fits your client’s needs, and get it in front of them, fast.

  • Learn how to have conversations that result in people taking up your offers at the price level you deserve. 

  • Rinse and repeat – learn how to keep it consistent,  generating the repeat business you deserve.

Momentum Group Coaching offers all this, and much more, with tailored advice on how to present your offer via Monday Night Live, an additional virtual training session taking place each week, 12 months membership to our outstanding and highly supportive community, and information on how to measure your success, making improvements on an ongoing basis. 

Results Require Effort, Are You Ready To Invest?

As with everything, you get out what you put in. 

We’ll teach you how to secure well paying clients for your coaching business, but we can’t implement this learning for you. We need you to be revved up and ready to put in the hard work that lasting success requires. We believe you can do it. Do you?

Learn the skills that you need, to attract the coaching clients you want, and work tirelessly to implement them. That’s all it takes, and we’ve got your back. You’ll also have the support of the whole Coaching Revolution community. With dedication on your part, you can’t fail to win. 

If you’re ready to take the right action, to get the right results, let’s get started.  

Talk To Us About Joining Our Next Group

We hope you’re feeling less alone in your struggle to find coaching clients who will pay a professional rate. It’s a common problem for even the most qualified, experienced coaches, which is why we developed our tried and tested system to help you market your skills to the right people, for the best chance of success.

The frustration ends today.

Being able to market your coaching business is simply a skill. And like all other skills (playing the piano, driving a car) you can learn it. 

With our group mentoring sessions, running the successful coaching business you’ve been dreaming of becomes a reality.  

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