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Is this you?

  • You’re a qualified coach*
  • You love coaching
  • You’ve networked like mad
  • You’ve created a website
  • You’ve spent money on headshots and/or branding
  • You’ve posted regularly on social media

And it’s not working!

  • You’ve found that people don’t understand what coaching is
  • You’re getting frustrated at the lack of interest from potential clients
  • You cannot find clients who can – and will – pay a professional rate for your coaching.
  • You want to build a financially viable coaching business that will give you the income and lifestyle you crave

It wasn’t supposed to be this hard!! 😫😫😫

Do you want:

  • A business that’s emotionally AND financially fulfilling?
  • A business that brings you the income you want to support the lifestyle you want to create?
  • A business that allows you to have the positive impact you know you can achieve?


If you recognise yourself in anything we’ve said here – you’re in the right place!

The Coaching Revolution turns qualified coaches into well-paid professionals by teaching them comfortable, effective marketing techniques. Better yet, our programmes are ICF-accredited, so you can be sure of the quality of what we deliver.

Whether you want to build a part-time or full-time business, The Coaching Revolution programmes will give you everything you need to succeed.

You can choose:

You can choose to be in the 18% who succeed by learning effective marketing skills that set you apart from the crowd and help you to become visible to the clients you can help the most, with an honest and compelling message that they will find hard to resist.

Or you can carry on sharing meaningful quotes on social media and hope someone bites…


* By ‘qualified’ we mean having a recognised professional coaching qualification, eg ICF, EMCC or AC (etc) accredited, a post-graduate coaching degree, or a PhD in coaching – or something similar. If you’re not sure if your qualification counts – ask us.

Achieve Your Coaching Goals

We teach our coaches how to develop a steady stream of inbound enquiries and how to then turn those enquiries into paying clients.

An ‘inbound enquiry’ is one where the potential client recognises themselves in your marketing message and comes to you to ask for help.

Imagine that! No more discovery calls where you ‘demonstrate the value’ of coaching only to have someone say ‘HOW MUCH!?’

Turn Your Passion Into A Successful Career

You’re passionate about coaching but you’re struggling to find paying clients. Your coach training provider never suggested (or even hinted at the fact) that finding clients could be so hard. In fact, what was suggested was that a combination of networking and strategy calls would be all that you need.

But it doesn’t work, does it?

The Coaching Revolution has been helping passionate coaches just like you to create successful businesses for nearly seven years – we’re so serious about it that our programme is ICF accredited.

We work with qualified coaches, to help them learn comfortable, effective marketing skills, so that they can create a lifestyle they want while having a positive impact on the world.


The Next Steps?

1. Check out our programmes by clicking here. Decide whether you want to learn how to market to individuals or organisations – or both.

2. Join us and learn everything you need to know to build your coaching business, in an amazing community of like-minded individuals.

3. Implement what you’ve learned. As with all things, action is the name of the game. You will begin to actively market your business almost immediately and while you’re fully supported. We leave nothing to chance!

The Biggest Challenge For Coaches

Coaches are not marketers. They generally feel very unhappy about the idea of marketing themselves, because they don’t understand that marketing their coaching business can be comfortable and simple.

The Coaching Revolution has been turning qualified coaches into well-paid professionals for several years – our process works. It just does.

The good news is that just like coaching, professional marketing is a process and also like coaching, it’s one that you can trust.
Better news is that there are a few different ways you can join us, all with flexible payment plans.
The best news is that you’ll never struggle to articulate the benefit of your coaching again (and you won’t be charging mates-rates!).

“If I’m honest, I didn’t really believe I could coach for a living, and yet here I am, working as a corporate coach for organisations who are household names.

What I didn’t anticipate was that I was also getting a whole team who are my supporters and champions.”


Liz O'Neill

Coach, EON Coaching

“When I reached out to Sarah, I had no clients.

I had run 20+ hours of free coaching and gained five clients (at low rates), but I knew deep down this strategy was neither sustainable nor profitable.

Now, 18 months post-programme with The Coaching Revolution, I have worked with 60+ clients, all within a niche I care so deeply about, and made £33k of NEW revenue from my coaching business.

That’s a 20x ROI 📈🤯

I was terrified of the financial risk, worried about investing in myself and my business (it’s a ‘chicken & egg’ scenario of needing to spend money to make money). But I can safely say I have no clue where I’d be had it not have been for this calculated financial risk! 

To ANY coach at the end of their tether, trying to make their coaching business work and willing to do what it takes to make it happen, what ARE you waiting for?!

Trust Sarah. Trust the process. Trust yourself that you CAN build a profitable coaching business with the right tools, action, and strategy!”

Farrah Burke

Coach, The Grad Coach

I love being a coach and like to think I add value when I work with my clients.  What I wasn’t not so good at, was marketing my coaching business, and this is where Sarah came in.

No doubt about it, Sarah and her team are experts in this field. Sarah has developed a whole raft of resources and support to help coaches like me, with one aim in mind: to help you be successful.

I’ve found the whole experience with The Coaching Revolution inspirational (and fun too!). I would totally recommend it to qualified coaches who want to build their business in a sustainable way.

Jacqueline Heron

Coach, Jacqueline Heron Coaching

Packages and Prices

Corporate Coaches


Acclerate programme
1:1 Mentoring
(or 10 monthly payments of x £575)




Advance programme
1:4 Group Mentoring
(or 10 x monthly payments of £420)

Private Client Coaches


Accelerate programme
1:1 Mentoring
(or 10 x payments of £575)




Momentum programme
1:6 Group Mentoring
(or 10 x payments of £340)


IgnitePlus programme
Modules learned via an online platform
Live, bi-weekly Q&A sessions
(or 10 x payments of £250)




Modules learned via an online platform
Live, bi-weekly Q&A sessions
(or 10 x payments of £190)*

* For us to offer a lower price point, IgniteStandard does not include all the elements of the other programmes. It does not lead to the ICF-accredited Diploma In Marketing For Coaches.

Synchronous Learning


1:1 Mentoring
private client and/or corporate marketing
(£5750 or 10 monthly payments of x £575)




1:4 Group Mentoring
corporate marketing
(£4200 or 10 monthly payments of x £420)




1:6 Group Mentoring
private client marketing
(£3400 or 10 monthly payments of x £340)

Asynchronous Learning


Modules learned via an online platform
Live, bi-weekly Q&A sessions
(£2500 or 10 x payments of £250)




Modules learned via an online platform
Live, bi-weekly Q&A sessions
(£1900 or 10 x payments of £190)*

* For us to offer a lower price point, IgniteStandard does not include all the elements of the other programmes. It does not lead to the ICF-accredited Diploma In Marketing For Coaches.

Supporting The UN Sustainable Development Goals

No 2 – End World Hunger

The second of the UN Sustainable Development Goals is to end world hunger.

More than 4 million children live in poverty in the UK*. As an educational establishment, we believe that supporting the charity Magic Breakfast is a very effective way of doing our part to lessen the impact on young people’s lives.


Regularly missing out on breakfast increases the risk of children and young people not getting enough of the key nutrients they need for effective learning. Magic Breakfast provides free breakfasts for children all over the UK.

Every time we enrol a new client, we donate breakfasts for an entire class for a week.

(figures from the Child Poverty Action Group)