1:1 Mentoring From Our Experts

£4950* (or 10 x £495)


Is this the right programme for you?

1. You prefer a bespoke programme
2. You want 1:1 mentoring
3. You’ll earn ICF credits and a Marketing Diploma for Coaches – the only one available

Mentor Allocation

Who your mentor(s) will be depends on:

1. Your background
2.  Who your clients will be
3.  Where your clients are to be found

Start Engaging Clients

Implement your marketing plan.

1. Consistently
2.  Persistently
3. Resiliently

How To Find Coaching Clients

Our Accelerate programme is our core product and its focus is how to find clients. It’s where it all started for us, and we’re good at it. The programme offers bespoke mentoring for coaches who want to make a real impact on the world, along with securing well-paying clients, and enjoying total career satisfaction. 

Everything is tailored to suit your needs, strengths, and skills as a coach, with ongoing support from our team of mentors, all professional coaches themselves, and our community – now, and for as long as you need it. 


“You buy a training course and it gives you that by the bucket-load but more than that, it provides a community, the benefit of others’ knowledge and experience and more ‘how to’ videos than you can begin to imagine!”

Amanda Gardiner

Corporate Coach

“I came across Sarah Short and the Coaching Revolution and immediately knew I’d found the people to support me; they’d walked in my shoes and understood the challenges and opportunities I was facing. The Coaching Revolution mentors have been amazing; always clear, challenging, supportive, helpful and encouraging. I can’t recommend them highly enough to you.  If you want to feel that someone has your back and there’s always someone you can ask if you have a questions, along with continual learning and mentoring every week – this is the place for you!”

Lesley Spencer

Corporate Coach

A successful business is built on strong foundations. No surface program promising you the sky will deliver like The Coaching Revolution down to earth approach does. Rooted, grounded, ready to bloom.”

Magali Leroux

Corporate Coach

What’s On Offer?

Our Accelerate mentoring programme leads to a Diploma in Marketing for Coaches, and it’s the only marketing diploma on the market that gives you ICF credits, giving you a competitive edge over the majority of coaches in your space.

It’s designed exclusively for those who are serious about making a (great) living out of coaching, and who are done with guessing which marketing methods will lead to a steady stream of well-paying clients who approach you, keen to learn about how they can benefit from your offer. 

Why The Accelerate Programme?

Our bespoke mentoring programme for coaches has been honed and polished over the years to be utterly effective for all types of qualified coach, or coaches in training. We know what we’re doing in the space, and we’re ideally placed to help you secure the clients you need to enjoy financial and professional success in the long-term.

What Will I Receive?

You’ll benefit from sessions with multiple mentors within our mentoring programme for coaches, each hand-picked to suit your unique needs. 

Your mentors will help you get absolute clarity on exactly who will benefit most from working with you, and will also help you in the following areas:

  • Location. Where are your clients, both on and offline, and how can you flush them out of hiding?
  • Marketing messages. How are you currently presenting your coaching business? Develop a marketing tool kit that’s laser-focused to attract your ideal client, and repel time-wasters.
  • Packages and pricing. A veritable minefield that we’ll help you navigate.
  • Consistency. Implement and manage your marketing strategy to the right people, in the right places, so no prospective client falls through the cracks.
  • Community: Both on and offline, we’ll adopt you into The Coaching Revolution community, embracing your unique offer, and cheering you on as you turn your expertise into a thriving business. Let’s share, collaborate, and support. 
  • Scoping and designing workshops. We have specialists who can show you how to design and deliver coaching workshops, if that’s what you need.

Click here to see all the additional bonuses you will receive.

Unending Support – Indefinitely!

Once you join us on our 1:1 programme, you remain part of our community for a whole year as a matter of course – and can choose to stay for longer as you begin to fully understand the many amazing benefits of linking up with other coaches. You can attend our sessions, join in with conversations and you can take part in our events. You are a revolutionary for life!

Our mentors are all alumni, people who joined as mentees, learned our process, and implemented it to enjoy amazing career success – and they now help other coaches to do the same.

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