Marketing A Coaching Business

If you want a financially viable coaching business, you need to be able to market effectively. Effectively doesn’t mean 8 hours a day, or even 4 hours a day, it means spending the time and effort to create a proper marketing message and strategy and then implementing it, consistently.

Once you know what you’re saying in your marketing message, for whom you’re saying it and where you’re saying it, then marketing can take as little as 30 minutes a day.

Bad -v- Good Marketing

If the word marketing makes you squirm, you’re not thinking about good marketing, you’re thinking about bad marketing. That’s not the kind of marketing that works well for coaches.

❌ Bad marketing makes you feel unhappy when you do it.

✅ Good marketing – marketing effectively – is not uncomfortable either to read or to write. It doesn’t cross any core values and it is helpful and insightful for the intended recipient.

❌ Bad marketing talks about how wonderful you are as a coach.

✅ Good marketing involves helping your potential clients to think about their particular challenges in a new way.

❌ Bad marketing shouts BUY MY STUFF!!

✅ Good marketing helps your potential clients to think about the thing that they’re struggling with, in new and different ways.

❌ Bad marketing is loud, and in your face

✅ Good marketing is, in fact, not that different from good coaching.

❌ Bad marketing is random and created on a whim.

✅ Good marketing is a process and it’s a process you can trust.

❌ Bad marketing doesn’t work.

✅ Good marketing is effective! It works every time it’s implemented correctly.

Creating Ripples In The Universe

Marketing well means that you can have an impact on far, far more people than you could ever have as clients. People who read your marketing content and have an ‘aha’ moment wherever they are and without even speaking to you, will be people you impact in a positive way. Think of that! You will be able to have a positive impact on people you will never even meet! Your positive influence going out from you, into the universe like ripples in a pond – what a marvellous thought!

Market Effectively

If what I’ve said resonates with you (show me the coach who doesn’t want to have a positive impact on the world, right?) then maybe we should talk? It costs nothing to chat with me and I’m always happy to answer questions about marketing, and how you can learn how to market effectively.

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