Introducing the Done For You Marketing Package

Build a Powerful Pipeline for Your Coaching Business

Is this you?

You’re a busy, experienced, well-paid coach. You’re probably working many more hours than you’d like to. The good quality associate work is enjoyable and reasonably well-paid so you don’t want to turn it down. You find yourself having great conversations with clients about extending the work that you’re doing with them, which leads to more work – for the associate company. Yes, you usually get to deliver it, but the fact that it’s you building these relationships but not you invoicing the full amount irks a bit.

You would love to have more private client work but honestly, who has the time to learn how to market in order to find the clients?

You’ve probably seen me, my work and The Coaching Revolution on LinkedIn. It may have crossed your mind that learning how to market might be a good thing. But you haven’t crossed that bridge yet. Although you know it’s important, it’s never become urgent enough to warrant the time it would take to learn something completely new and then implement it.

If so, this might be for you.

Done For You Marketing

Let me say first of all, this isn’t a cheap option, but you’re knowledgeable enough to know that cheap options are never a good answer if you want quality.

I specialise in marketing for coaches. What that means is for the last 6 years it’s all I’ve done. I have taught some amazing coaches how to market their services and many have gone on to create thriving coaching businesses. (For the record, the ones who haven’t are invariably the ones who “don’t have time to market”). Marketing a coaching business takes time, commitment and tenacity. The Done For You option removes the obligation for it to all be your time and tenacity. The commitment element remains the same – you’re either committed to developing a pipeline of enquiries, or you’re not. If you could be committed to it if only you had the time, then this may well be for you.

Marketing for coaches is a specialist field. It’s not the same as marketing other professional services, mostly because there’s a large swathe of the population who have no idea what coaching is. We don’t have the luxury of saying “I’m a lawyer/accountant/therapist/psychologist/insert profession of your choice” because the title coach is too easily misconstrued.

Know, Like, Trust

In our professional circles, trust and credibility come from our qualifications and experience. Outside our professional circles, they come from demonstrating understanding, empathy and compassion for your clients and the situation they find themselves in. A situation that coaching can help them resolve. We work with you to figure out who those clients are, and what situation they’re in, so that you can clearly demonstrate those qualities.

No one buys a professional service from someone they don’t trust. Building trust in an online world also means helping potential clients to know and like you. This isn’t about oversharing stories of your personal life, but it absolutely is about sharing a curated version of yourself. By the time a potential client ends up in your diary, they will feel like they know you – and that’s perfect.

We work with you to create the version of you that we’ll curate. (And yes, that will involve sharing an occasional pet photo, or holiday snap in addition to the professional headshots we are used to sharing.)

What Do I Receive?

365 Engaging Social Media Posts:

Imagine having a year’s worth of engaging social media content at your fingertips, all strategically designed to build trust and nurture relationships with your target audience. We’ll create 365 compelling social media posts that work on ‘know, like and trust’. From thought-provoking questions to inspirational quotes and actionable tips, these posts will keep your LinkedIn feed buzzing, creating opportunities for meaningful engagement.

26 LinkedIn Articles:

LinkedIn is a goldmine for professionals seeking valuable insights and connections. With our 26 meticulously researched, written and scheduled LinkedIn articles, you’ll have a regular presence on the platform, positioning yourself as an industry expert. Each 500-word article will offer valuable knowledge, share practical tips, and address the pain points of your ideal clients. By consistently delivering high-quality content, you’ll establish credibility, expand your network and generate leads organically. What that means is that potential clients will come to you and they’ll say ‘I read this thing you wrote, and you’re talking about me!’

Website Copy Refresh:

Your website is your virtual storefront, and it’s crucial to make a lasting impression on your visitors. What it isn’t – or shouldn’t be – is an online CV. No one cares about your career history or your coaching philosophy. What they care about is what’s in it for them. Don’t judge them harshly – we all approach buying services with the same mindset. With the right web copy, you’ll convert more visitors into appointments in your diary

Coaching Packages and Pricing Support:

Crafting a signature coaching package and getting the right pricing can make all the difference in attracting your ideal clients. We’ll help you to create a tailored coaching package that aligns with your expertise and address the specific needs of your target audience.

Lead Magnet Creation:

A powerful lead magnet is a crucial element of any successful sales funnel. We’ll collaborate with you to create an attention-grabbing lead magnet that provides immense value to your prospects while showcasing your expertise. Whether it’s an e-book, a checklist, or a quiz, our team will work with you to produce a high-converting lead magnet that captures email addresses and nurtures their owners into your diary.

Sales Funnel Asset Creation:

A well-designed sales funnel is the backbone of a successful marketing strategy. We’ll assist you in creating all the necessary assets and implementing the required technology to build a seamless sales funnel. From landing pages and email sequences to automated follow-ups and conversion tracking, we’ll handle all the technical aspects, ensuring a smooth and optimized journey for your leads from initial contact to becoming paying clients.

The Done For You Marketing Package is exclusively tailored for experienced coaches who are ready to look for private clients. By leveraging our expertise and the power of comfortable and strategic marketing, together we’ll build a strong pipeline of enquiries and establish you as a go-to coach.

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