Coaches who seem to stick to good habits with ease are often benefitting from an environment that makes those behaviours easier. Coaches who struggle to succeed could be fighting an uphill battle against their environment. What often looks like a lack of willpower is actually the result of a poor environment. So what does the right environment for client acquisition and coaching business success look like?

There’s a very simple reason why Coaching Revolution coaches succeed and it’s this – they are in an environment where they are most likely to succeed. They are surrounded, on a daily basis by a) those who have achieved what they want and b) others who are with them on their journey.

Why The Right Environment Matters

People who seem to stick to good habits with ease are often benefitting from being in an environment that makes these behaviours easier. Effective client acquisition involves learning the ‘how’ of marketing and then implementing it consistently. That consistency is much, much easier when you’re surrounded by others who are doing the same thing.

Those who struggle to succeed with building a coaching business are often not lacking in motivation or will power, they’re simply in the wrong environment.

I recently spoke with a small group of coaches. One of them simply wanted to gain the email addresses of the others ‘so that we can support each other’. If that intention created the right environment for success, then the 80%+ attrition rate of coaches wouldn’t be true, would it?

Good Intentions Don’t Build Good Businesses

The problem with the well-intentioned coach is that although they are ambitious and probably very good coaches, they don’t have good marketing skills. What they have is some ideas about how to ‘get their name out there’. Invariably, that includes giving away free coaching sessions, networking without strategy and talking to people about their coaching businesses.

If those things worked, that attrition rate wouldn’t be true, and it is true. Sadly, it’s horribly true.

The Right Environment

The Coaching Revolution is the right environment for coaches to succeed in building their coaching businesses. The reason I can say this with such certainty is that I built it that way on purpose.

The leaders of The Coaching Revolution are people who joined us to learn client acquisition skills. They implemented what they learned and have grown successful coaching businesses. Every one of our mentors runs their own thriving coaching business. Our coaches learn from coaches who are doing what they want to do.

Coaches join The Coaching Revolution to fill a knowledge gap. When they join us, they’re often not really interested in the community aspect of what we do, they want knowledge. What I know is that knowledge isn’t enough. Coaches also need the right environment for that knowledge to embed and to turn into consistent action.

What does this environment look like?

First the knowledge acquisition aspects of our programmes:

  • An onboarding session to orientate the new mentee.
  • Carefully constructed curricula, created to ensure consistency across the programmes.
  • 10 x tailored mentoring sessions to teach the nuts and bolts of effective marketing, taught by coaches who are actively marketing their successful businesses.
  • 10 x Foundations For Business Success sessions to supplement the mentoring sessions.
  • Weekly live training to support coaches with the ever evolving nature of marketing.
  • 400+ hours of video training, workbooks and templates in The Vault.
  • 6 x group coaching sessions to tame the mind monkeys.

Then the environment part

  • A daily Zoom café – you have colleagues again. A place to hang out, to share experiences and to ask questions.
  • A vibrant online community – no question is a daft question, all successes are celebrated and struggles are commiserated.
  • Access to mentors via the community to get your questions answered, your niggles smoothed and your micro-knowledge gaps filled (this is really important!).
  • A regular, live Q&A for you to bring your questions – you don’t have to submit them in advance, you just show up and ask.
  • A daily prompt for consistency. Literally, a framework for a social media post. You don’t have to worry about not knowing what to say ever again.

As one coach said to me recently ‘I have never, ever felt this supported in anything I’ve done. This community is remarkable!’.

Put Yourself Into The Right Environment

If you want to embed yourself into the right environment to succeed, we should talk.

You can join us from as little as £290pm for 10 months. This is my diary.