When we find coaching it can feel like we’ve found our ‘thing’.

  • The thing that others seem to have but that we’ve never had – until now.
  • The thing that lights us up inside and makes work feel like the wrong word to describe what we’re doing.
  • The thing that leads us to read more and more on this wonderful topic and to take additional qualifications because the work is utterly fascinating.

Let’s face it, there’s not much that’s more interesting than how people tick, is there?

When I speak to coaches – and I speak to a LOT of coaches – they invariably tell me that they’re really good coaches. They tell me how they have come to this conclusion based on the feedback of their trainers and the people they’ve coached. I think it’s more than fair to come to that conclusion from feedback from those quarters.

And here’s the rub – it’s not enough.

It’s not enough to be a good coach if you want to build a coaching business. If you’re happy simply delivering coaching to other people’s clients and earning a portion of the fee being paid for doing so, then maybe you’ll be happy simply being an associate. Certainly, associate work is good if you want to build your hours, but it’s rarely well-paid. The rub is that if you want to earn those fees that were discussed at your coach training then you need to be able to find your own clients.


The above are abbreviations of the ICF accreditations: associate, professional and master credentialled coach. ACC coaches have 100 verified hours of coaching under their belts, PCC 500 and MCC 2500. The fact that we can recognise that we’re good at coaching and that it’s our thing when we’re working towards our ACC (or equivalent from another professional coaching body) is brilliant because it gives us the impetus and momentum to keep going.

It’s fair to say that by the time someone reaches MCC, they can be considered at the top of their game.

I think it’s fair to say that anyone who has delivered their service for more than 2500 hours is probably at the top of their game.

Which brings me to my point.

Marketing Training For Coaches

I have significantly more than 2,500 hours experience of in delivering marketing training to coaches. It’s work that I love – it’s my thing. The coaches that I work with appreciate what I do, they speak very highly of my work and they benefit enormously from my knowledge and experience. I am an expert in my field – you could say that I’m a MCM, a master credentialled marketer and my specialism is marketing for qualified coaches.

When coaches say that they don’t know who they can trust in the minefield of an industry that is ‘client acquisition for coaches’, I understand why they say that. There are so many people who slime into our inboxes each week with promises of warm leads straight into our diaries, or a five-step blueprint for finding clients, or worst of all ‘6-figures in 90 days’. There are also people who frankly should know better (because they’re abusing their position within our profession), who talk of ‘creating clients’ because they know that will appeal to coaches who are turned off by what they believe marketing is.

At The Coaching Revolution, we’re straightforward. No sleaze, no slime, no hopping uninvited into people’s DMs. Just ‘normal’ marketing that’s been honed for coaches.

Our marketing process has been used by hundreds of coaches to find clients who pay a professional rate. There’s nothing scummy, or sleazy about the process we teach – it’s both comfortable and effective. There are of course things that feel uncomfortable at first. By definition, new things are outside our comfort zones. However, as with everything, once these new things are integrated into our working practices, they become habits and are therefore comfortable.

Best of all, marketing is enjoyable and creative. That’s something that none of our clients anticipated!

It’s Expensive And I Don’t Know Who To Trust

I asked a question about what’s stopping you from learning how to market and I got these answers:

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As you can see, the main reason given for not learning is that it’s expensive. The second reason is that coaches don’t know who to trust. Let’s talk about these things one at a time.

It’s expensive…

Our least expensive option that’s available year round is Momentum. It costs £2900 or 10 monthly payments of £290. It’s for coaches who want to find private clients. If your private client rate is £150 per session (which is what we recommend as a starting point for those who don’t know what to charge) and your coaching package is, say, 6 sessions then each package sold will bring in £900. You need to sell only 4 coaching packages to recoup the entire cost of the programme. I think that puts the cost into perspective, don’t you?

Not sure who to trust…

Let me give you some reasons why you can trust The Coaching Revolution.

We are the only training provider whose trainers are all coaches who are actively (and successfully) marketing a coaching business at the same time as working as a mentor for us. Every one of them has been through our programme, implemented it (and continue to do so) and have built coaching businesses as a result of it.

Go and check out my recommendations – they are written by our clients.

Book a conversation with me, I’ll explain how what we do works.