There are many coaches who would love the opportunity to work with The Coaching Revolution, but are hesitant to commit, and I get that.

These are several reasons that people have been hesitant to join us in the past:

  • It’s a lot of money to commit
  • I’ve been burnt before by someone who charged me a lot of money and what I learned wasn’t helpful
  • I’m not sure I need to market – I’m a very good coach
  • Marketing is spammy
  • I don’t want to focus my marketing, because I can coach a wide variety of people

I could go on…

A Game-Changing Few Days

I’ve been running a short 4-day course for qualified coaches for a couple of years now.

It’s an introduction to the basic concepts of marketing for coaches. I call it a challenge, because it’s not a course where you have to block out the 4 days to sit at a desk and study, it’s structured to have minimum impact on your week whilst at the same time having maximum impact on your coaching business. We even send out recordings of everything by email every day so that by the end of the 4 days, you have the whole short course as a resource.

The purpose of the 4 days is to move you from either “I hate marketing” or ‘I don’t really understand how to market” to “this is actually fun, and I understand the basic premiss”.

That’s quite a shift, isn’t it?

Better yet, I can guarantee that it will happen. This is the link to join me.

How Does This Work?

The challenge is only for qualified coaches and is hosted in a Facebook group. You don’t have to belong to the Facebook group, but I can promise you that you’re missing out on the best bits if you don’t.

Each day, at 7am UK, there is a short recording of me teaching a concept released into the group. The recordings are no more than 20 minutes long and each teaches a small basic marketing concept.

Then, there’s a ‘task’ thread for you to put your answers to the homework set in the concept class.

Later in the morning, there’s a Q&A post put into the group for you to ask any question at all about that day’s concept – and there’s no such thing as a daft question. All questions will be answered both here and in the day’s live Q&A.

At 5pm (UK) I go live into the group. I will answer all the Q&A thread questions and all the other questions that are asked at the time. These are usually coaches asking me to expanding upon the answers I’ve given so far. I stay there until every single question has been answered. Yes, it’s recorded and yes, a copy of the recording of the lesson and the Q&A is sent out each night.

That’s it.

There Are Prizes!

As a bonus, there are prizes!

  • There’s a prize draw for 5 x coaching supervisions sessions (worth £750) for someone drawn from a pool of everyone who has undertaken all the daily tasks.
  • There’s also a prize of £100 voucher for a restaurant of your choice for the ‘community champion’ the person who engages the most in the Facebook group.
  • Finally, there’s a spot prize each day of a copy of my book – and I get to choose who gets that.

This is the link to join us.

Feedback From Coaches

Let me give you examples of the comments that I’ve had about this challenge – all from coaches.

“Thanks, this makes so much sense now!” – Fiona Shield

“This is the best value challenge I have ever attended, thank you!” – Mallu Moi

“A great session. Now I understand the value of a niche.” – Michelle Gooding

“You describe things so clearly Sarah, this is the first time I’ve ever understood anything to do with marketing.” – Marsha Hall

“This has been more helpful than 99% of the gazillions of masterclasses I’ve signed up for over the years!” – Liz Smith

Work With Us…

Would you like to work with me on your coaching business? 4 days starting from 11 September, this is the link to join us. There’s not a single coach who ever thought it was a waste of time.