There’s a company that purports to help coaches build their businesses. This particular company suggests that high-ticket clients are the way to go, and why would anyone argue with that?

They teach coaches to hang around on LinkedIn looking for comments or posts that could – potentially – mean that the writer might benefit from coaching.

Once a writer has been found, the coach will send a cold DM to them, offering a free coaching session (discovery call, strategy call, chemistry call – all the same thing).

Apparently, if you find 50 comments/posts and send 50 cold DMs a week, you should get five yeses. And five calls should lead to one client – a client a week! Yay, right?

Not so fast….

Of course, you will also get 45 noes. And let me tell you that plenty of those noes will be from people who are incredibly irritated at you hopping, uninvited, into their inbox. People who are incredibly irritated don’t use please and thank you very often. In fact, they can be pretty rude. So – toughen up, Buttercup – you need to learn how to ignore people being rude to you multiple times a day, week in, week out, and if you find that difficult, you need to change your mindset, right? (This is the message coaches get from the company when they say ‘but this feels dreadful!’.)

This company is relatively high-profile, and several of their clients now work with us, because after all that, all that high-pressure, cold-DMing didn’t even work.

New Level Spam!

I noticed a meeting in my diary this week that I hadn’t accepted yet, which didn’t make sense to me. It was an hour and a half long and was entitled 3 Reasons Your Enrolment Calls Aren’t Turning Into Paid Clients. Puzzled doesn’t even come close to my immediate reaction. When I clicked on it, it was a webinar run by the aforementioned company. To say the least, I was utterly confused. I hadn’t signed up for a webinar – what on earth was this about? I rejected the meeting and forgot all about it.

Today, a Coaching Revolution coach posted in our members’ Facebook community and said ‘is anyone else getting these?’ and there was a screenshot of the very same meeting invitation to the very same webinar!

Even more surprising was that many of our coaches commented ‘yes’ and ‘me too’ and ‘aren’t these a bloody nuisance?’ and other irritated agreements. In short, there are LOTS of coaches who are getting meeting invitations inserted into their diaries uninvited!

Honestly – I was stunned! This is a marketing strategy! This company is inviting coaches to webinars who are a) not on their mailing list and b) have not signed up to a webinar. Worse still, they’re doing it by sending them spam meeting invitations. The ‘ick factor’ is stratospheric!

Last Words

So if anyone from that company happens to read this, just stop it! Stop. It. No one likes it. It doesn’t shine a good light on you. People like me are so fed up with it that we write articles about you!

If you are one of the clients of this company and you feel unhappy, we should talk. You can even chat with others who came to us from where you are now.

Feel free to schedule a call.