We often hear people talking about their mission; their ‘why’.

Simon Sinek wrote the book Start With Why and he has made a career of helping people to understand the importance of it.

It seems to be a simple thing, doesn’t it? Why are you doing what you’re doing? When they’re deciding upon a target audience, many of the coaches that I work with will decide that the coach they want to become is the person they wish they’d had access to when they were going through a difficult time in their lives. The thing that keeps them going is their passion for helping the people who find themselves in the position that they did all those years ago.

Others’ why includes being able to be self-employed and never again find themselves in a toxic work environment.

Others still want to have the flexibility of self-employment so that they do work that inspires them whilst still being available for their families.

My Why

I believe in coaching.

I think coaching is a superpower.

Can you imagine the impact that would occur if there was a prescription drug that could do what coaching can? A ‘take one twice a day’ tablet that could not only help you to figure out what you want in life, but also how to get there? The company that made that drug would become bigger than Apple Inc in the blink of an eye!

I also believe in self-employment.

I believe in being in control of (at least some of) one’s own income. In my opinion, there’s nothing more empowering than being able to generate income when you need it. Teaching others how to have this level of independence is very important to me. It’s my mission. Learning how to find clients is the foundation of this and it just so happens that I know a lot about marketing a coaching business and I’m a great teacher – that’s handy, isn’t it?

Why You Need A Why

Your ‘why’ is the reason why you want to start a coaching business. It’s your purpose, your motivation, your mission, and your driving force. Without a clear understanding of your ‘why,’ you could find yourself directionless and struggling to stay focused when things get tough and believe me, things will get tough.

Why is finding your ‘why’ so important?

For a start, it gives you a sense of direction. When you know why you’re doing something, it’s easier to figure out what you want to do and what you don’t. Your ‘why’ gives you a roadmap to follow and helps you make decisions that align with your values. One of the things that needs to align with your values is who you choose to help you on your way.

Your ‘why’ will help you stay motivated. Starting a business will challenge you on occasion, and there will probably be times when you feel like giving up. However, if you’re clear on why you started in the first place, you’ll be more likely to keep going when things get tough (and they will get tough!). Having that clear understanding gives you the ‘stickability’ that those who don’t have that clarity simply don’t have.

Finding your ‘why’ will also help you create a business that aligns with your values and beliefs. When you start a business, you have the opportunity to create something that reflects who you are and what you stand for. When you know your ‘why,’ you can ensure that your business is (mostly) an absolute pleasure and you’ll be able to work in a way that reflects what’s important to you.

What was important to you when you started your coaching business? If you’ve not started it yet, what is the most important aspect of getting started?