All the marketing techniques we teach at The Coaching Revolution are either no cost, or low cost. I’ve grown the company using these same principals for what will be 5 years in September. With some paid ads!

No Cost

What do I mean by no-cost marketing?

Think social media – we have coaches who use most social media channels. Just to clarify, they don’t all use all of them, the beauty of marketing the way we teach it is that you only need to be where your potential clients are and nowhere else.

We have coaches on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest and more (I put that because I feel certain that I’ve forgotten a couple but can’t quite think what they are!). To date, I’m not aware of anyone using SnapChat, but I’m sure that at some point they will.

The kind of activity that our coaches undertake on these channels includes writing posts and articles, creating videos to share, podcasts, and graphics to accompany some of them.

We also have coaches writing for third-party publications from Harvard Business Review to Thrive Global. One of our mentors writes for Medium and made a couple of hundred quid doing it last year – a nice little bonus!

Not all coaches do all of them, they choose the ones that the kind of clients they want to work with want to engage with, and that they enjoy too obviously.

Low Cost

What do I mean by low-cost marketing?

To be honest, this is mostly networking. Where appropriate, our coaches attend paid-for networking events. I say ‘where appropriate’ because they only need to attend networking events their potential clients also attend.

This is what I mean when I talk about ‘strategic’ networking. You don’t want or need to attend every available event, it’s expensive and disheartening. It’s not possible to have a marketing message that is appropriate for every kind of networking event – although heaven knows that I’ve attended enough networking events and seen coaches tell the assembled throng how they ‘help people of overcome limiting beliefs and mental barriers to achieve goals’. I resisted telling them that no one cares about those things, because I didn’t want to be unkind – but it is true, no one cares.

So Why Have I Paid For Ads?

I have never used paid for advertising until this year. Next week (7 Feb) I’m running The Coaching revolution’s first 4-Day Challenge and I’m very excited about it.

I decided to experiment with running some paid ads on LinkedIn. Paid ads are only worth running if you can be incredibly specific about who’s eyeballs you want on those ads – and the eyeballs I want are those of qualified coaches.

I’ll report back on how successful they are, but if you happen to see them, please let me know by commenting or liking it? It means that I can get an idea of where it’s landing and where it’s not and I’d be very grateful for your help.

(As an aside, if you’d like to come to the challenge, you can join us here)