I’ve just read a book, Hooked by Nir Eyal. In it he talks about creating products that provide rewards for the user. Not just one reward in the beginning, but ongoing rewards, as usage of a particular product continues.

The example I remember in particular is Facebook. It ‘rewards’ us with notifications, likes, new content, targeted ads etc. The reason that these rewards are important in the context of a product is because they mean that using the product creates new habits. Those habits keep the customer/client using the product.

It’s really got me thinking about what I do and what rewards our clients get.

What Rewards Do My Clients Get?

My clients buy a product that is a structured mentoring package. They can buy a 1:1 product, or a group product and they will get the same thing, just delivered differently.

So what rewards do they get that helps them to create a Coaching Revolution ‘habit’?

  • Unlimited support – they discover that they can ask questions, and get answers, any time they like either via our online community INCROWD, or in one of our daily cafes. The reward is answers to their – many! – questions in a timely manner.
  • A process that actually works – once they see the very visible success of others, and our hashtag #thisshitworks used on a regular basis, their confidence in what they bought grows. The reward they get is confidence in what they are going to be learning.
  • Community Support – marketing is a process, not an event. When our newer mentees start to actively market, they are effectively planting seeds. Those seeds will take time to start to show shoots and in that time it can feel like you’re shouting into the void. Our community members understand this, because they’ve all been there. They support the new members with their unshakeable belief in the process, until the new member has their own.
  • Engagement in their marketing, where previously there were crickets. The marketing efforts of our coaches bring results. The engagement, the comments and the inbound enquiries that result from the effort are the rewards that keep them moving forward.
  • Paying It Forward – our mentors are home-grown. They have each been through our programme and created coaching businesses with actual paying clients from the application of what they learned. The reward they get is that they now support me to show new mentees how to do the same.

Ongoing Training

  • Ongoing Training – we have a weekly education session called Monday Night Live in which we learn the things that everyone needs to learn, so that not a single precious mentoring minute needs to be spent learning things that we can learn together. These events are always focused on marketing, on growing your piece of ‘internet real-estate’ and on becoming visible to those who you particularly want to work with. These sessions happen every Monday evening (in the UK and Australia – so there are two to attend) and they’re all recorded. The reward here is that there’s always something new to learn.
  • Opportunity To Present – if a mentee has something useful to share, they can present on a Monday Night Live. The reward here is in knowing that your knowledge and experience is valued by others.
  • The Vault – our Coaching Revolution University is housed in our vault. All the combined knowledge and wisdom that’s been shared over the past four years in one place.

Actually, as I type this list I realise that the rewards that our clients get are ongoing. The Coaching Revolution is truly the ‘product’ that keeps on giving.

What rewards do your clients get from working with you?