How’s Business?

Is your business doing well? For that read company. We all get asked this from time to time. A simple question which is not so easily answered sometimes. The off the cuff answer is usually ‘ok, thanks’. Yet, when you think a little deeper about that question, it brings up any number of points. Split the company from your activities and those questions multiply. The company can be answered in numbers. Customers, revenues, profit and so on. However, your activities are a little more difficult to quantify.

We have all heard of the phrase ‘busy fool’. It seems a bit harsh. Perhaps ‘busy work’ might be kinder? However, if you are not delivering towards the numbers of your company you’re wasting your time and your effort. Those efforts might well be important to you but what do they achieve?

We can be so busy that we forget about our company and the objectives we set for it. We just end up being busy and not being productive.

A Living Business Plan

Any activities should be contributing to your business plan. That plan need not be complex or exhaustive but should be reviewed again and again. However, It should become core to your everyday activities.

Your focus can be lead generation, content development or delivery channels to name but a few. The important thing is that those activities live with you every day. Having a couple of things to remember to work on creates focus, having many creates chaos. The adage what gets measured gets done rings true.

It’s not the ‘business’ of your company that builds success. It’s the impact your ‘business’ creates that builds success.

It is way to easy to be busy all day long to no effect. If building a successful company was easy there would be few failed companies around, wouldn’t there?

Professional services companies like coaching fail most – sad, but true.

At the Coaching Revolution we work with you to align your activities with your company objectives to create success. We offer a framework in which to thrive. Combining your enthusiasm with simple tenets provides that basis for a profitable sustainable company.