The thing is a coach said to me earlier this week from what I understand, marketing is about saying the same thing over and over again, and I don’t feel comfortable doing that.

Different Perspectives

Coaches often see marketing as either

  • a complete scam that sullies the world of professional coaching
  • a science to which there is a ‘silver bullet’ answer
  • a mysterious art form that only the most creative people can excel at

So which is it?

Marketing Is Not A Scam

Marketing isn’t a scam – its a well respected process which has been used for decades to promote everything from toothpaste to coaching. It is also a well-respected profession, it even has its own chartered institute. I don’t believe that the Chartered Institute of Scams is a thing!

Not A Silver Bullet

Marketing is an iterative process.

It’s about trying something and measuring the results. The truth is that there is no silver bullet to marketing, there is no ‘one thing’ that if you do it, all the clients you want will land in your lap. Marketing is a process, not an event. Setting up a website and waiting for the clients to land in your lap, sadly is a fool’s errand.

So What IS Marketing?

At its core, marketing is simply a case of repeating a message over and over again. While this may sound like a simplistic approach, it is actually a tried and true method that has been used for decades by people marketing products and services.

The key is creating a message that resonates with your target audience (or niche). This can be challenging, as what works for one group of people won’t work for another. However it is entirely possible to develop a message that speaks directly to the kind of client you want to work with.

Once you have your honed marketing message, the next step is to be where your target audience is and repeat that message over and over again. The goal is to create a sense of familiarity and emotional connection with you and your message so that when your potential clients see it, they think ‘they’re talking about me!’

While repetition is key, it is important to note that marketing is also a creative process. In order to get that connection, you need to find interesting and engaging ways to present your message and to be consistent.

An Example

A great example of a coach marketing exceptionally well is Helen Clare. Helen is a coach who specialises in helping teachers and school leaders manage peri/menopause and the unique challenges they can present in a school setting. Helen is now a Coaching Revolution mentor as well as a great coach, who uses her creative flair to write what is effectively the same message over and over again. If you look at Helen’s posts and articles, she’s saying the same thing over and over again – but it doesn’t seem like that, does it?

Helen is saying ‘schools are a unique environment when it comes to managing peri/menopause symptoms and fallout. I can help you/your school understand where provision can be made for those members of staff who are struggling (usually in silence) to keep teachers who love teaching in the classroom, rather than have them leave because they can’t cope with both work and peri/menopause’.

If you look at the things she writes, she is giving exactly that message – repeatedly – but it doesn’t sound ‘samey’ at all.

What About You?

Do you have a honed marketing message that speaks directly to a particular target audience?

Can you see why you might need one?

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