Attraction Marketing

AIDA is an opera but it is also a very useful way for me to describe something for you too! What we teach at The Coaching Revolution is attraction marketing – but I hate to call it that.

The reason I hate the phrase ‘attraction marketing’ is that it is a bit too close to the concept of The Law Of Attraction. Attraction marketing is nothing to do with the Law of Attraction.


The easiest way to describe what I can mean by attraction marketing is to explain the acronym AIDA. It stands for Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action.

Let’s start by imagining that the last A is on the tip of your nose. The first A is therefore in the outer reaches of the universe – as far away from you as it’s possible to be.

A = Awareness

At this point, your potential clients don’t even know that you exist. They are utterly unaware of you. Your first job in starting your coaching business is to build awareness, specifically amongst the people that you most want to help.

When people become aware of you, you are attracting them into your world. They will read what you’ve written and think ‘gosh! This person is talking about me!’.

I = Interest

Your potential clients are now moving from the outer reaches of the universe and towards you. They find it uncanny that you are talking about them. They read your posts on social media and listen to you in the real world and they are definitely interested in what you have to say.

D = Desire

To continue our universe analogy, desire is where your potential clients are within earth’s atmosphere. They have noticed you, become interested in you and now they seek out what you have to say.

A = Action

The action that your potential client takes is to book a conversation with you. They have self-selected themselves as the kind of person that you help, so they come to you. Just think. No more squirm-inducing cold conversations where the person in front of you hasn’t a clue what coaching is, let alone why they might want to pay you for it. The person in front of you has chosen to be there because they want to speak to you about what you do. Perfect, right?

Coaching Clients Coming To You!

That, ladies and gentlemen, is what The Coaching Revolution teaches. A simple and devastatingly effective method for finding coaching clients who can – and will – pay a professional rate for your coaching.

Merry Christmas – and I hope I’ve given you something to think about over the festive period.