We have a hashtag at The Coaching Revolution – it’s ‘this shit works’.

I wish I’d come up with it, but it wasn’t me. It was created by one of our mentees, who had spent 18 months trying to figure out how to find coaching clients and failing before finding us.

There’s a level of disbelief when coaches first start working with us. This is also combined with an equal amount of optimism and hope. They can see the process working for others, but can’t honestly imagine that this is going to work for them.

Then it does.

This Actually Works!

This particular coach was dumbfounded when her first inbound enquiry landed in her inbox. She couldn’t believe it! This shit works! It actually works!  And the hashtag was born!

I couldn’t stop laughing! What a fantastic way to express delight, right?

Utterly convinced that it was a hoax of some sort, that the enquiry just wanted a chat. We had a talk about how the conversation with this person should be structured, they dutifully acted on it and guess what? The inbound enquiry became her very first client delivered to her from this process.

Even better, the client paid upfront, in full for the 6 coaching sessions. The coach in question was beyond thrilled.

Perfect Clients

The very best thing about using our approach to marketing your coaching business is that the enquiries come from people who understand what you do.  Recognise themselves in your posts and any articles you’ve written and they have been drawn into your world.

In this world you’ve created, you talk about the thing that’s been bothering this particular kind of client. It’s as if you joined the conversation that’s already happening in their head, and they are astonished! How is it possible that you’ve so accurately articulated what they are feeling?

The more often that this kind of person sees your posts, the more uncanny it becomes for them until eventually, they feel compelled to speak to you.

These people understand what you do. They know the cost – because our coaches aren’t shy about their fees. The old-fashioned days of hiding your coaching fees until the receiver has ‘seen the value’ of coaching are over. Being upfront about what you charge means that never again will you cringe as a potential client clutches their chest and gasps HOW MUCH?!. I exaggerate of course, but it is uncomfortable when people have to tell you that they can’t afford you – for them as much as you, right?.

The Result And The Hashtag

In the end, you get a diary full of people who are the kind you love working with. Who are happy to pay a professional fee and are delighted with the outcome they get from working with you.

Now everyone who gets a new enquiry will report it with delight and the hashtag #thisshitworks ?