The thing about what we teach is that it’s not new. The method of marketing to a niche and an ideal client within that niche is used by every successful organisation all over the world. You just have to do the work!

All of them.

What we’ve done is hone it for qualified coaches, and it works every single time that it’s applied correctly.

Hang On, Is That A Caveat?

Damn right it is. The ‘applied correctly’ part is your responsibility.

We don’t do it for you – this is what we do.

  • We teach you how to choose your niche, and how to define an ideal client within that niche.
  • Then we show you how to write an über-specific marketing message for that particular client, in that particular niche.
  • Finally, we show you how to figure out where that client is – on and offline.

So… Applied Correctly And Doing The Work? What Does That Mean?

What applied correctly means is this:

  • being consistent and showing up every day, even when you don’t want to, or can’t be bothered. (Particularly when you don’t want to or can’t be bothered!)
  • it means sticking to the message you’ve created and not suddenly veering off-track (if you do, we’ll nudge you but what we can’t do is make you do anything)
  • understanding that this is a process, not an event. To build a solid pipeline takes a good 12 months. To build a financially viable business takes a good three years.

What NOT applied correctly means is this:

  • flitting from one thing to another – a bit of Facebook here, Twitter there, Clubhouse here, LinkedIn there because ‘it’s not working’. You have to give things time to settle and for your potential clients to actually notice you (two weeks here and then flitting off to something else isn’t enough time, just so you know)
  • only actively marketing once or twice a week – it’s not enough
  • forgetting what you’ve learned and going all coach-speak (suddenly talking in coaching jargon about ‘holding space’ or ‘thinking partner’ – things that mean something to us, but nothing at all to our clients)
  • You forget that this isn’t about you and your story
  • forgetting that there’s only one star of your marketing show – and it’s not you, it’s your client

What Part Does The Coaching Revolution Play?

Once you know what you need to say and where you need to say it, it’s up to you to get out there and do the work. Consistently.

We don’t abandon you, or wave goodbye and wish you luck.

No, for the first 12 months of your time with us, we keep an eye on what you’re doing and speak to you if we see you going off track. Staying on track and consistent is your part of the bargain, noticing when you’re not on track and steering you back again is ours.

The only reason this doesn’t work is if you’re not doing the work. It works, every time. Every single time it’s applied correctly – and I promise you, you’ll know what correctly means.

It’s not a quick-win, which is a good thing because if it was it wouldn’t be sustainable. But it does work – every time it’s applied correctly. And we will help you to apply it correctly.

It’s then up to you to apply it consistently.