I speak to dozens of coaches each month.

It’s what I do for a living and it is something that I really love. It means that I’m very well informed when it comes to understanding what coaches think, and what they believe to be true about creating a financially viable coaching business.

Talk To People

A significant mistaken belief that coaches have is that they think that once they leave coach training school, they need to do just two things to generate paying clients; network and deliver strategy sessions.

I wish that it was true. I wish that every coach who wants a coaching business could simply talk to people and that this activity would be enough for them to generate all the clients that they want.

However, the truth is that it doesn’t work and when these things don’t work, coaches start to think about where else they may need to be to connect with potential clients and this is where problems with consistency can occur.

Why Consistency Matters

Being consistent takes two forms.

The first form is consistency in showing up. What I mean by this is that I often see coaches who arrive on a particular social media platform to great fanfare and applause, and then simply disappear. The reasons for them disappearing are usually because they’ve run out of steam and/or things to say.

Coaches with a solid marketing strategy don’t have to disappear. They have a message that they want to deliver to a particular kind of client and they have lots of ways of articulating that message.

The coach with the solid marketing strategy knows which social media platform(s) is best for their message and they understand how to be consistent.

The second form of consistency is consistency in the actual message a coach puts out into the world.

A common mistake that coaches make, is that they have an idea of who they want to work with and they post lots, directed towards that particular kind of client. Then, if they don’t see results as fast as they want to, they simply change tack. They go from posting to attract one particular kind of client to posting to attract another.

What this means is that their message becomes confused. You may be able to coach everyone, but you can’t market to everyone. Trying to just leaves your audience confused and confused people do nothing. They particularly don’t become coaching clients.

What’s The Answer?

The answer is to have a firm idea of who your target audience is, a strong message that articulates to them exactly why they should want to be coached by you, and a strategy to get that message in front of them.

To summarise, you need to become known for coaching one kind of client, with one kind of problem. That doesn’t mean you can’t coach anyone at all who comes and asks you to coach them, because you absolutely can. It simply means that you have to spend less than half the energy on marketing that you may have done if you’re trying to market to everyone – and your marketing will actually be effective too!

If you’d like to talk to me about how The Coaching Revolution might be able to help you with your marketing, pick a slot in my diary and we can chat. No obligation on either side, of course.