I am used to coming across massive resistance to the idea of having an ideal client. It feels counterintuitive to be laser-focused in your marketing, and casting your net wide seems so much more sensible.

However, there are huge benefits in defining your ideal client and doing it well.

Here are 7 reasons why you should have an ideal client for your coaching business:

  1. If you understand lots about the kind of person you’re looking for, you’re far more likely to know where to look for them. What that means is which social media platforms they frequent, and where they are offline – in the real world – too.
  2. Having an ideal client gives you all the content you need for social media, for videos, for podcasts and for blogs and articles. Indeed, understanding who you’re talking to, makes what you need to say much easier.
  3. Pricing suddenly stops being a ‘finger in the air’ exercise and starts being simple to decide. Put simply, your price should be the value of the solution you provide for the problem your ICA has.
  4. The question ‘what do you do?’ doesn’t have you flapping about like a fish out of water, trying to define coaching to an increasingly disinterested individual. You can use your golden sentence; I work with X, to help them Y, so that they can Z. X = ideal client, Y = the problem they need resolving Z = what they’ll do once they don’t have the problem.
  5. The language coaches normally use is what I call coach-speak. Coach-speak contains words like goal setting, limiting beliefs and mental barriers. Potential clients don’t speak coach-speak. Understanding who your ideal client is, means you know what language to use in order that they can understand you and how you can help them.
  6. Understanding your ideal client well means that you know how they feel in any given situation that relates specifically to the problem that they have, that your coaching can help them resolve. Attraction marketing (which is what we teach at The Coaching Revolution) involves speaking directly to your ideal client. Their response to you will be emotional initially.
  7. You position yourself as an expert in your micro-niche. Your focused message to your ideal client will be so clear, and so to the point that you will effectively be joining in with the conversation that is going on inside their head.