The Coaching Revolution is awesome! It started as a visceral response to coaches being ripped off and it’s become a movement that we couldn’t have dreamed of.

That lead me to think about what coaches buy from us….

What Coaches Buy

At the lowest point of entry, coaches pay for 10 x mentoring sessions.

What Coaches Get

  • Coaches actually have 11 sessions with their mentor for a start. Session 1 is a ‘ground zero’ session for the coach to get to know their mentor, to understand the process and set intentions and aims.
  • They also get a vibrant online community of all the mentors and all the other mentees. This is a place to share ideas, thoughts, fears and successes. It’s also a place to ask questions because you’ll get lots of answers from both mentors and mentees who are further along their journey than you.
    1. This online group is a professional community of like-minded individuals who are all travelling the same road, in the same direction as each other, with a common destination in mind; a successful coaching business.
  • The individual coach gets to define success. The road is longer for the coach who wants to earn £5k a month rather than, say £800 per month. However both have been achieved and bother were set as a definition of success.
  • Coaches get the opportunity to meet face-to-face every 3 months. We keep the cost to an absolute minimum (and include lunch etc) as we think it’s incredibly important that our community meets offline as well as online.
  • As a community, we meet online each week, just for an hour, to cover areas of learning that we have in common so that no coach has to spend their precious mentoring time covering them. We also use these webinars to embed the knowledge you’ve gained in your mentoring sessions.
  • We add extra mentoring sessions where necessary, to offer support in particular areas. For example, I spent a short session with a mentee (not my mentee) on Thursday going through her social media activity and how she can improve it. Sometimes, these are simply phone calls, but we hop on a video call where necessary.
  • Our mentors care. They are not salespeople, who are paid for each coach ‘through the door’ who then expect you to learn from a series of videos. Each mentee is fully supported as an individual to achieve their best.

By The End Of The Process

  • By the time the mentoring comes to an end, each mentee with have a:
    • Clear idea of who is most likely to buy coaching from them
    • Unique and personal marketing message, that speaks directly to this client, in their own language.
    • ‘Rinse and repeat’ formula for consistently attracting clients
    • Sound social media strategy – and the confidence and knowledge to implement it
    • Close circle of coaches upon whom to depend
  • Some of our mentees go on to become mentors to help others succeed. This is truly the perfect outcome for us.

All the above is available from only £2450 (Rising to £2950 on 1 January 2019).

Why not talk to us to find out more?

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