Unique And Disruptive

As you may be aware now, The Coaching Revolution is both unique and disrupting the coaching industry. Unique, because we offer 1:1 mentoring from experienced mentor coaches who have already achieved what you want to achieve; a coaching business that actually pays you an income. No one else is doing that.

The Coaching Revolution is disruptive because we mentors are calling out the bulls**t that litters the coaching space. The snake-oil pedlars have been called out. Pedlars who tell you that you can, within 48 hours, have clients paying you tens of thousands of pounds. Other pedlars who appear all over Facebook saying that $60k per month is easy to achieve if you only you knew how. (The ONE THING, remember?)

Another call out has been of those ‘proven marketing system’ companies who charge £$£$£$£$ promise the earth, deliver prescriptive, out-of-date systems that have only ever been proven elsewhere (and years ago)? We’ve called them out too.

Mentors And Mentees


Being a mentor is (as I’m sure you’re aware) very different from being a coach. In a nutshell, that difference is that mentors lead you by the hand, they tell you what to do next, coaches don’t.

First of all, good mentor will establish where you are now, what you’ve done to date (and evaluate that) and where you want to be. They will then share with you the benefit of their experience and knowledge and show you a way forward that will help you achieve your goals more quickly than you would have done alone. Simple huh?


A good mentee must initially do nothing more than show up, with an open mind and all preconceived ideas shelved. The mentee needs no more than an idea about what they want to do, the detail can be crafted with their mentor.

  • You don’t have to know what niche you’re going to operate in, although if you do, that’s great
  • It isn’t necessary to have done anything at all yet, just knowing you need support with business development is enough
  • You don’t even have to have finished your coaching qualification (we can even offer one starting early 2019)

A good mentee maintains an open mind throughout the process.

The Mentoring Process

We have a very structured mentoring process because we have taken our cumulative experience and crystallised it into a simple process that anyone can follow.

The mentor/mentee have an initial session, in which they gain an understanding of each other and of the road ahead. The road map is begun here, not set in stone.

What follows are 10 x sessions with a mentor, delivered via videoconference. A list of actions to be taken by the mentee are agreed at the end of each session. The next session therefore, happens after these actions have been taken.

Outstanding or Ordinary?

Here’s the bit that separates the ordinary from the outstanding mentee:

The outstanding mentee completes that list of actions (even when some of the actions are outside their comfort zone).

That’s it. Sounds simple doesn’t it, and yet…..

By Invitation Only

We are one of the few organisations that I know that measure our success based on the success of our mentees. If our mentees don’t succeed, we have failed. We have to have total belief that the person being mentoring is actually capable of being mentored before we allow the process to begin.

Similarly, it’s also why we don’t have a ‘buy now’ button on our website. Not everyone can join our mentoring programme. A coach can’t simply decide that they want to be mentored and click the button to buy. There needs to be a clear demonstration that you are open to the process and that you will indeed take the actions you agree with your mentor.

By Agreement

Let me be clear; nothing is ever imposed on a mentee. The mentor and mentee agree the actions which are to be taken and there is always a very clear reason for each action, which both parties understand.

Are You Mentorable?

This is our selection process:

  1. First of all, book an appointment to talk to me (if you’d like to, you can find my diary here)
  2. We have a chat for up to 30 minutes (occasionally longer, but only if we’re enjoying ourselves!)
  3. As a result of this conversation and if appropriate, I will send you more information on what we do, how and why.
  4. We talk again for me to answer your specific questions and to see whether we seem like a good fit for each other.
  5. Finally, if we are, you are allocated a mentor and you are on your way to a successful coaching business