The Coaching Revolution

Revolutions can build slowly, or they can begin in an instant. The Coaching Revolution™ is a revolution whose time has come.

Discovering Coaching

You know you really should think about being a coach, you’ve got great people skills and you explain things so well, you’re so calm, people listen to you…

Well it’s certainly something to think about. I could be my own boss and if I don’t do something now I never will; do I really want to spend the rest of my career working for someone else? I’ve heard there’s good money in it and I’d love to be so successful I can work when I like, pick and choose my clients. After all I’m passionate about it, helping people, so how do I get there, (and where exactly is “there”?)

But what exactly to coach? If I’m going to do this seriously I feel I need a qualification. I’ll commit some time and study in my spare time, maybe look at a franchise option?

Now I’m A Coach

Great I’m now qualified, I can show my certificate to all those people who will be beating a path to my door. I can work from home, just think my commute will be going upstairs to the spare room my new office (I can kit it out with a desk and a swivel chair).

Oh hang on, I need to get set up properly first. I’ll do some more research, do I need to be a limited company and I’m not sure about VAT? And I can be doing some other stuff, I should think of a catchy name, get a nice logo and some business cards and a website (website, how do you get a website?) with an email address and clever twitter name.

OK so I’ve done all that and it’s all ready (took much longer than I thought though). I’m sitting in my converted home office with my certificate, my laptop and my website looks great. Got my business cards and my phone: my phone that isn’t ringing. Why isn’t my phone ringing? I’m qualified, I’ve got all this material, I’ve got so much to offer. No I don’t have any sales skills true, well coaches don’t do they? Selling is a bit too pushy and surely I’ve made so much progress I must be nearly there, if I can just get that one break. I do miss the office though, they were good days, being able to gossip or chat about last nights episode of the latest scandi-noir.

I miss being part of something….

Discovering The Coaching Revolution™

Does that sound familiar? It’s a tale I’ve heard so many times I’ve even given it a name; the illusion of progress. Prospective coaches spend so much time getting everything just so that they don’t actually commit to the important task of acquiring paying clients. Even established coaches can miss opportunities to grow their business as they don’t think about a collaborative project with another specialist (or know where to find one). And whilst working for yourself can be a dream it can be lonely too, coaches by nature are ‘people people’ and also want to be part of a community.

Be Part Of Something Bigger Than You

So if some, any or all of the above is you, then check out The Coaching Revolution™ from Coaches Supporting Coaches and be part of something – a brand new way of looking at the business of coaching.