We have core competencies for coaching, tenets that underpin our ethics and our coaching skills.

The leadership team at The Coaching Revolution is made up of 14 mentors who are alumni. They joined The Coaching Revolution to learn how to market their coaching business comfortably and effectively and now that they each have thriving businesses, they have been invited back to help other coaches to enjoy the same success.

We believe that we should have core competencies for marketing too, pillars to support the marketing efforts and business aims of our coaches – and so we created them.

Core Competencies

These core competencies are at the heart of all that we do and teach.

1. Resilience

Marketing any business is about being consistent with effort. Resilience comes in when it feels like those efforts aren’t working! There is a period of time in which a coach puts down roots before any green shoots (i.e. enquiries from potential clients) become visible.

2. Creativity and Innovation

Marketing is a creative endeavour. It incorporates the ability to use imagination and new ideas to produce marketing content, especially for a chosen audience.

3. Tech Savvy

Our clients don’t need to bring technical skills to the table, but they must be willing to learn.

4. Coaching Skills

Sales conversations are structured coaching conversations. We expect our coaches to hold a professional coaching qualification or to be taking one.

5. Analytical Skills

Not everything one tries marketing-wise is successful. Analytical skills are necessary to measure what is/isn’t working and to adjust accordingly.

6. Entrepreneurial Skills

The ability to think ahead to either spot or create opportunities. The understanding that a coaching business isn’t a job and that therefore being busy or productive isn’t the same as being effective.

7. Responsibility

The ability to work in a way that considers the impact on yourself and other people, organisations and the wider environment.

8. Strategic Thinking

Using newly learned skills to become strategic in where best to place time, effort and money in order to gain maximum impact.

Knowing when to hand responsibility for aspects of your business to those who can perform them more effectively.

9. Emotional Intelligence

The ability to understand what’s happening in your client’s world and adapt your marketing accordingly.


If what I’ve said resonates with you then maybe we should talk? It costs nothing to chat with me and I’m always happy to answer questions about marketing. This is my diary.