The art of good marketing is understanding what your client is thinking and what they care about.

Even better is to join the conversation that they are already having in their head. There is nothing creepy or sneaky about this. Understanding your client is the cornerstone of a fabulous business.

If you know who your ideal client is, your perfect-in-every-way client, then you will understand why they need your coaching, what problem it’s going to solve for them and what feelings that problem evoke, and you will know why they are going to buy.

Let’s take a look at clients in general. What do they care about?

Clients Think About Themselves

Assuming that you haven’t actually offended a client (!!) their number one concern is themselves. They are not judging you, they are not rejecting you as a human being if they decide that they don’t want to buy your coaching. I can tell you they are considering whether your coaching services can solve their issue. They are thinking about themselves

Clients Don’t Care About YOU!

Clients are not particularly interested in you when you are marketing your coaching to them. Yes, people do buy people, but that is about them too. Clients buy services from the people that they feel will deliver it in the best way for them.

Clients Care About Knowledge

Customers want to deal with coaches who know what they’re talking about. They want straight answers to their questions, they need the benefit of coaching explained to them as simply as possible.

That absolutely does not mean that you start talking about reaching goals or talking about limiting beliefs – clients do not care about those things. What it means is that you should explain to them how working with you can help them solve the problem that you know that they have (you do know this, because you have done the ideal client work, right?)

You need to be able to describe the benefit of your coaching, to your potential client in one short sentence. I repeat, one short sentence.

Clients Don’t Care About Fancy Titles

You can give yourself a powerful-sounding job title, and your coaching programme some fancy name that you think is incredibly significant. You think that these fancy titles are something that your client will ‘connect with’, when in actual fact, they don’t give a monkeys. They just want to know what’s in it for them.

Clients Don’t Want To Beg For Information

Clients want to understand what they’re supposed to do. What I mean is that it’s your job, as the marketing department of your coaching business, to tell your potential client how they can reach you, what working with you looks like, what it costs and how they can get started with you. Clients don’t want to have to beg you for information – or have to go searching for it.

Customers Don’t Care About Your Issues Around Marketing and Selling

If you sit in agonies of self-doubt and anxiety about marketing and at every ‘selling’ opportunity, guess what? Your customer doesn’t even know, let alone care. You can choose to make every single client-acquisition transaction about you, how you feel and how dreadful it is, or you can make it all about your potential client and forget about yourself for a while.

You get to choose.