Why We’re Having A Sale (part one)

The Coaching Revolution is having a sale.

It’s not something we normally do, but we thought that this year, what with everything that’s been thrown at us as a global community, why shouldn’t The Coaching Revolution also do something that never normally happens?

Why We’re Having A Sale (part two)

We are intelligent beings at The Coaching Revolution.

We get it.

At The Coaching Revolution, we are aware that not every coach can afford our fees. These offers, on sale, have tremendous value for coaches in this category.

We are also aware that some who can would like to sample who or what we are, before committing to the level of expenditure required to join our mentoring programme. Our offers give coaches in this category the opportunity to try us on for size (as it were!) at a sale price.

We are having a 12 Days Of Christmas sale to give all coaches the opportunity to try what we do before committing to us. Or not. Your choice.

How It Works

We have created 12 different offers that a coach can buy from us. Some of them are not actually available at all normally, so they are priceless things that you can purchase for a low price.

Others are things that are available and we are offering them for sale at a silly price.

We even have one offer that is completely free and another that’s just 99p.

What’s The Catch?

Each of these things is only available at this sale price for a single day, then it’s gone and you can’t buy it. It’s that simple.

You’ll find these sale offers on LinkedIn and Insta and Facebook. If you want to be absolutely certain not to miss a single one, you should hop over and join our community of coaches who are all building their businesses. You’ll find it here.

What Else?

We think we’re great, but you don’t have to take our word for it. This is what our mentees have said about us (all of whom have LinkedIn profiles – real people, real quotes!)

Paula says this:

I wish I had realised months earlier how right Sarah is when she talks about marketing. She turned around how I approach things and the results I get.

I am still me. I’m not compromising what I’m about or what I stand for, but I’m able to express this in a way that gets the attention of the people I can help.

Paula Sheridan

Samantha says this:

I know what ‘good’ looks like. I spend my life talking to people about quality standards and making sure transfer of learning is consistent. For me, I would say to anyone: This is as good as it’s going to get.

Samantha Thomas

Jo says this:

Three weeks in The Coaching Revolution and a single mentoring session has shifted my mindset more than I could have believed possible!

Jo Woods