We run a series of masterclasses over at Coaching Republic. These are available for free and you can rest assured that if you attend a class live, you’ll be given every opportunity to ask questions and get bespoke answers. In short, you’ll get up-close-and-personal access to The Coaching Revolution team. If you want access to the replay, you need to be in Coaching Republic – that’s where we share this stuff.

The link to sign up for the classes is in Coaching Republic – hop over there and get yourself a seat at the table.

The 3am Worry!

Wednesday 12 August at 3pm

A critical part of having an ideal client is understanding what’s keeping them awake at night – that coaching can assist with. Bring your ideas about your ideal client along to this masterclass and we will help you to articulate their 3am worry.

Talking About Coaching

Wednesday 26 August at 3pm

How many times have you talked to someone about coaching, and they just don’t get it? In

this masterclass, we’ll look at how to talk about coaching so that the person you’re speaking to actually understands what you’re saying.

Cool Tools

Wednesday 9 September at 3pm

We’ve all moved online in a hurry because of coronavirus. Some of us are coping better than others with this. In this masterclass, we’ll look at some of the coolest tools that we use. This means that you can use to make your online life easier.

Social Media Marketing

Wednesday 23 September at 3pm

Social media marketing is a minefield! How are you supposed to know which platform to use when you’re marketing your coaching business? In this masterclass, we’ll look at exactly where your ideal client might be hiding and what to talk about when you’ve found them.

Speaking So Your Potential Clients Can Hear You

Wednesday 14 October at 3pm

You’ve nailed your ideal client and you know what keeps them awake at 3am. Now what? This masterclass is all about how to articulate what you do, so that your ideal client can hear you.

(It’s about teaching you how to write in the language that your clients speaks and not in coach-speak!)

Attraction Marketing

Wednesday 28 October at 3pm

What is attraction marketing and how can you use it to grow your coaching business? This masterclass will uncover the mystery behind attraction marketing (and we’ll will tell you why we HATE the term, even though it’s what we do!) and share with you how to use attraction marketing to your advantage.

Q&A Hotseat Session

Wednesday 11 November at 3pm

This is a simple session: Bring your coaching business problems along and sit in the hotseat while we solve them for you. We’ll make sure that as many of you as possible get to sit in the hotseat.

Whatever it is you’re struggling with; we’ve almost certainly seen it before….

Creating Content

Wednesday 25 November at 3pm

You have your social media accounts sorted – now what? How can you create content on an ongoing basis that is both engaging and doesn’t kill you in the process?

This masterclass is full of ideas for creating content that will appeal to your client.

A Simple Marketing Strategy For 2021

Wednesday 9 December at 3pm

This is the last session of the year and we’re going to sort out a simple marketing strategy to carry you through 2021.