You Get What You Pay For

Education isn’t cheap. Good quality education is certainly not cheap. Training isn’t cheap either.

I only ever knew one person who went to Eton. He got 10 O levels, all grade A, and 4 A levels, also grade A. I learned that there were 3 pupils in each of his subject classes. At £25k+ per year, Eton could afford the best teachers, and tiny class sizes. I’m not trying to advocate for private education or otherwise, just making a point. The definition of success at Eton is high grades and entry to Oxbridge and they deliver that success.

Good Quality Training Isn’t Cheap

The definition of success for coach training providers is to produce coaches with good coaching skills, who pass the qualification for which they enrolled. Coaching courses are not cheap.

The definition of success for The Coaching Revolution is to deliver a process that generates paying clients for each coach. Why therefore, do coaches not recognise that they’re going to have to pay for this? I don’t mean that I speak to people who are surprised that we charge fees, just that an astonishingly high number of coaches have completely failed to recognise that there are more skills to learn, and that it’s going to cost money.

How To Earn Money From Coaching

The return on the investment that you made in your coach training only happens when you start making money delivery coaching. Your coaching qualification gives you the skills to deliver the coaching, but it doesn’t give you the skills to create the opportunities to do that delivery.

The skills you need to create those opportunities are business development skills, and you need to learn them in order to make a return on your investment, it’s as simple as that.

Caveat Emptor

Be very careful where you go to buy business development training.

There are ‘proven marketing system’ providers out there who do not measure themselves on the success of their coaches in gaining paying clients. They talk about providing incredible support, but it’s often provided in terms of training on materials to deliver, rather than in business development skills.

There are online gurus who promise six-figure incomes in a matter of weeks. Perhaps it’s worth asking yourself if it was possible, why do 82% of coaching businesses fail?

What Does It Cost To Work With Us

Today’s prices (June 2019) are £2950 for 1:1 mentoring. That price includes VAT. You get 11 sessions of mentoring and we continue to support you closely after you’ve completed those sessions so that you know exactly what you need to do to generate paying clients. You remain in our community always. There’s even the potential become a mentor and help other coaches. You can find out more about what coaches actually get from us here.

We also have a group mentoring programme, and a hybrid programme that’s half 1:1 and half group mentoring

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