You Don’t Have To Go ALL IN To Build A Business

You want to build a business, right?

The best thing about creating a coaching business is that you don’t have to go ‘all-in’. What I mean by that is that it’s entirely possible to start your coaching business as a side-hustle and then, as it grows, allow it to take over from your employed role.

Not only is it entirely possible, it’s what we encourage.

Keep The Day Job!

Our mentees are usually working when they join us. Occasionally they might have been made redundant, or they’re on maternity leave, but usually, they’re employed.

Building a coaching business isn’t about holding your nose and jumping into self-employment. It’s not about that at all.

Building a coaching business is about:

  • Understanding the entire process of building a professional services business (that’s what we coaches are, of course)
  • Working out where the lowest hanging fruit is in terms of those who are most likely to work with you, and will pay you for the privilege
  • Crafting a unique marketing message that speaks directly to that low-hanging fruit (and generates inbound enquiries)
  • Having the skills and knowledge to turn those enquiries into paying clients – without resorting to grubby sales techniques
  • Creating a ‘rinse and repeat’ formula that you can use to generate a continuous stream of those inbound enquiries

Where coaches fail (and according to the ICF, 82% of them fit into this category), is that they don’t understand each step of this process completely.

In fact, their ‘best guess’ on business development is usually to give away free coaching sessions.

Build A Business

Can you pick up the odd client from giving away free sessions – yes you can.

Can you create a financially viable coaching business from giving away free sessions? No. No you can’t.

Is giving free sessions a strategy for building a coaching business? Yes – it’s exactly that. It’s A strategy. It shouldn’t be THE strategy.

How Can Coaches Learn How To Build A Business?

We can help. Whatever your budget and sense of urgency, we can help.

Bespoke 1:1

If you want to build a business that can provide you with a full-time income in the shortest possible time, then our 1:1 mentoring programme is for you.

In 11 mentoring sessions, you’ll be shown the ropes, as they apply to you and the coaching business you want to create. It’s bespoke and it is focused entirely on getting you to your destination as soon as possible. Obviously, ‘as soon as possible’ differs from coach to coach. This programme starts immediately you decide to join us and is our premium programme and has a £2950 price tag (we offer payment plans).

If you’d like to speak to me about this, or any of the other programmes we offer, you can book yourself into my diary by clicking here.

Combination 1:1 and Group

We also offer a 1:1/group split programme. This programme starts with 1:1 mentoring (5 sessions) and is followed by 5 x group sessions (max 10 in each group). This is the programme you can join if you want to take your time to build your business. It has a £1950 price tag and we offer payment plans. This programme has 3 intakes a year, September, January and April.

If you’d like to be considered for our next intake, book a slot in my diary and we can have a chat about it?

The App

We want to be able to provide help and support for every coach. If we’re going to trash that 82% statistic, we need to be able to reach everyone, right?

That’s why we created our app. We share everything you need to know in the app. A combination of monthly masterclasses (always focused on business building), bite-sized business development (coffee-break classes) and access to all our mentors and mentees means that it’s the best place a coach can hang out to start their coaching business on a budget.

Best of all, we offer a 2-month free trial. If you’re an Apple user, you can download the app here. If you’re an android user, you can download it here.


I can write about how wonderful we are, in fact, I do it often, loudly and proudly.

However, I appreciate that you’d like to hear from coaches that are living the process, right?

So – let me offer the following.

Click here to hear the first podcast episode that I recorded with a mentee. It’s Alisa Barcan, and I recorded it when she’d had 5 sessions of mentoring. Here’s the one I recorded with her 6 months later when she’d given up her full-time job. Alisa is an award-winning accountant. She knows her numbers, but she didn’t know how to grow a coaching business.

Here’s an interview with Craig Smith. I recorded this one when Craig was a very new mentee, he was just getting bedded in to our process. Craig is an ex-public sector employee, as well as a teacher. Craig knew that although he’s a skilled coach, his background had never included business development, and he needed some help!

Here’s an interview with Liz O’Neill. She is a high-flying tech leader and has chosen an ideal client who is very close to her heart, but is also very difficult to reach. In this interview, Liz talks about how she reached them, and the difference our process has made to her coaching business.

Here’s another with Jeff Matthews. Jeff is very experienced, both in banking and in business. He came to us because he wanted to create a coaching business so that he could help small business owners enjoy the success he has enjoyed. Jeff knew about growing a property investment business and a property development business, but not how to grow a professional services business.