Too Much Noise

In this digital age, there is too much noise. We are bombarded with information constantly, 24 hours a day, and it’s literally overwhelming. The choices presented to us are many and varied, almost all of which appear to have a common theme. They all aim to offer a solution that provides instant gratification to the issue at hand.

Fake Promises In The Coaching ‘Noise’

This is no different in the world of coaching, there is too much noise. The message seems to be that all you need to do is take these 3 steps to find your first £100K client guaranteed or watch this webinar to learn the secrets to success in 10 days, and so it goes on. The choice of ‘experts’ to listen to is endless.

In my experience, if it sounds too good to be true it usually is. Having consistently grown my coaching business year on year I think it’s time to for us all to take a reality check. What we need to do is get back to basics about this concept of acquiring paying clients and growing a successful coaching business.

No Shortcut To Success

First and foremost, there is no short cut to success whatever anyone tells you. Be very careful when you read promises of shortcuts – they rarely ever come to fruition.

Success comes from;

  • having a plan
  • working hard
  • developing your skills,
  • overcoming challenges
  • persevering

The biggest key in growing a successful coaching business is to keep doing the basics on a regular basis, every day follow a system of simple steps, commit to them and persist. Don’t give up because it gets hard. That’s the thing that is probably hardest to resist. 

Find A Mentor

Finally, get a mentor. Get a really good one, and learn from their experience. Be careful who you choose when you’re looking for a mentor. Just because someone says they have the background and experience to help you doesn’t necessarily mean that they do.

Knowledge can be acquired relatively easily.  It’s always a good thing to develop your knowledge, but knowledge alone is rarely good enough when it comes to business. Learning the nuances of business is incredibly powerful when you learn from someone who has been there and done it, not just someone who relies on a theoretical process to support your learning.

Establishing and growing a successful coaching business is very achievable and there has never been a bigger need for coaches of all persuasions but its time to recognise that good ‘new’ fashioned hard work and commitment will always have to underpin this success.