Coaches are usually skilled up to the gills on the delivery side of their business. Not as skilled (and in many cases utterly unskilled) on the side of their business that looks at creating the opportunities to do that delivery though. Also known as sales and marketing and is key in business development.

It’s a rare coach that will confidently tell me that they love selling. (I do know that you exist before you feel it necessary to leave me a comment to tell me how confident you are! ?)

Feeling Pushy

The number one reason that coaches give me for hating selling is that the idea of it makes them feel pushy. I know that feeling and it’s dreadful. It’s a combination of a sick-to-the-stomach and butterflies, and that’s without mentioning the sweating and clammy hands.

The reason that so many of our coaches do well is that the process for creating opportunities to deliver coaching that we teach doesn’t involve feeling pushy – that’s a relief, huh?

Attraction Marketing

The process of business development that we teach generates inbound enquiries. What that means is that clients who understand what you do and how they will benefit will come to you and ask if they can talk to you about the possibility of working with you. Imagine that!

Does it work? Oh yes, it works.

Working With Us

To work with us costs £3450. That cost can be split across 10 payments to make it easy for people to manage.

However, we appreciate that not everyone is willing or able to spend that kind of money yet and so we have created a free online community, called Coaching Republic. In this community we have lots of training and fortnightly masterclasses, scheduled until the end of 2020. You can see the complete schedule here.

If you’d like to join us and learn how to create opportunities to coach people for a professional fee, then join Coaching Republic.