The thing about finding your tribe is that you get so much more than simply other people.

Our Tribe

Our tribe hangs out in INCROWD. It’s a Facebook group and it’s where we exist on a day-to-day basis. We also manifest on a weekly Zoom call (fondly known as Monday Night Live). This is where we learn, share, feedback and grow together.

Most importantly, we meet in real life too.

Common Aims Of A Tribe

Having a real tribe means that you are utterly supported in your goals. This is important. Having an entire tribe of people, who actually ‘get’ what you do, and are on the same journey as you, is incredible.

Seeing their frustrations makes you realise that you are normal! Seeing their successes means that you know it can be done.

Live Events

We meet up face-to-face three times a year in Birmingham. These days are the highlight of our calendar. We get to spend a day with people we’ve hung out with online for months (it’s amazing how different some people are in the flesh!) and amazing training on democratically chosen topics.

Best of all, we go to the pub afterwards. With our tribe!

And then lockdown.

Online ‘Live’ Event

We moved our 6 June Birmingham event online.

This was always going to be a challenge, because how on earth do you keep 20+ coaches engaged on a video call for a whole day.

Let me tell you how:

The Morning

We (our tribe) started with a welcome and setting a couple of objectives. The objectives were set; to learn something and to be inspired.

Then our mentors stepped up to the plate.

First, Paul Snell started with an ice-breaker. We each wrote a 6-word memoir. Mine was ‘everything I’ve done lead me here’. Others included ‘dances really well in the rain’ and ‘succeeded, failed, got scared, got brave’. Hearing our ‘tribes’ memoirs was really interesting.

Next, Alisa Barcan spent an hour talking about the difference between being busy, being productive and being effective. Being effective is, of course, the name of the game. Filling your diary with things to keep you busy is the work of the employee, not the business owner. Alisa has even created a tool for measuring progress, which she shared with us.

Then Liz O’Neill ran a session on how to use social media effectively (without pissing your employer off!). It was so good, I’m going to release it as a podcast.

Jeff Matthews’ session was about how to network like a fiend and contained 50 implementable tips about how to get the most out of networking.

We stopped for coffee…..

The last session of the morning was mine. It was about knowing your ideal client. This had lots of breakout room sessions for coaching each other to greater understanding of very specific aspects of our clients.

Then lunch.

The Afternoon

The two afternoon sessions saw Liz and Paul presenting again.

Liz looked at how to measure marketing data on LinkedIn. This was really one for the nerds amongst us (and they are legion!). Liz is forensic in her data analysis, and it shows both in terms of what she’s recording, and her fabulous results in engaging corporate clients.

More coffee…

Finally, Paul helped delegates create a one-page business plan that they can implement immediately.

Going Forward

Each of the sessions was recorded and is available to members of INCROWD.

We finished with some feedback from the delegates.

Did we meet the objectives? A resounding YES!

But the very best feedback was this: The day flew and it certainly didn’t feel like a full day of Zooming.

I’ll take that.

If you would like to be a part of our tribe, there are two ways. Join the INCROWD or become a mentee. If you would like to talk about becoming a mentee, here is my diary.