One of the things that coaches who talk to us about becoming mentees want to know, is where will I find clients?

Rather frustratingly, the answer I always give is ‘it depends’…

Let me explain.

WHO Is Your Client?

You may have heard me talk about the concept of having an ideal client often. Knowing who they are, gives your marketing the focus it needs.

There is a process to discovering who this is. This is something that our mentors work on in detail with our mentees.

Every single mentee (coach we work with) has a different ideal person they would like to work with because every single mentee is different. We have all had different experiences and different careers, we all have different likes, dislikes and passions and each of those things come into play when defining your ideal client.

I can’t tell you where to go to find your clients before you have them defined. The reason for this is that who your client is, dictates where they are.

For example; if the person you want to work with is a woman aged 55, no children and is a senior partner in a law firm, you will find her in a different place than if your ideal client is a man in his early 40s, with a family, who runs his own business.

Does that make sense?

Would you like some help defining your ideal client, so that you know where to go to find them? Let’s talk? This is my diary link, click ‘get started’ to find my diary.