There is no reason why you can’t start your coaching business while you’re working full-time. Plenty of coaches start out that way, in fact one of our mentors did just that.

Alisa Barcan started as a mentee with The Coaching Revolution in April 2018 and built her business around her full-time work. When, in September of last year, she couldn’t actually squeeze another coaching client into her time, she started a waiting list (podcast interview with her from then, here). Finally, in February this year she left her full-time role and now earns her living from coaching (another podcast interview from February here).

Working And Building A Business

One of the things that we know to be true is that mentees work at different speeds. They also undertake different parts of the process at different speeds. What I mean is that it may take a mentee a couple of sessions, with 3 or 4 weeks between those sessions to crack (for example) who will benefit most from their coaching. Then they may fly through the next part and only need a couple of weeks between sessions.

That’s why we are so flexible with our 1:1 mentoring, especially with those who are working full-time.

If you need to take things slowly for a while, because you are working full-time and it is taking all of your energy; that’s fine, we’ll leave it as long as you need between sessions**. If you find you get a burst of energy and motivation, then we can bring those sessions closer together. Whatever suits you best because it’s your mentoring, to build your business and you are in the driving seat.

** If you’re simply procrastinating, we’ll challenge you on it. We’re all coaches too, so there’s nowhere to hide!

Work Is A Safety Net

We understand that people have bills to pay, everyone does, right? We also know that having this security can support you to build the coaching business of your dreams in your own time, at your own pace. You absolutely can build that coaching business when you’re working full-time.

Building your coaching business isn’t arduous. It will always be challenging, but that’s part of the fun, isn’t it?

Doing It Right

There are many ways to fail at building a coaching business whether you’re working full-time or not and honestly, I’ve heard so many of them in conversations with coaches. Let me give you the top few:

  • Building a website and thinking it’s enough on its own.
  • Building a website/sales funnel/lead magnet without any idea of who your target audience is.
  • Putting yourself on lots of coaching directories and thinking clients will come to you.
  • Believing that if you just knew a tiny bit more about coaching, you’d be ready to start building a business….
  • Taking (yet another) qualification/certification/accreditation to offer even more value to your clients (the ones you don’t have!).
  • Buying another book…..

What’s Stopping You?

In this article, I’ve slayed a few myths, let me spell them out for you:

  1. You don’t need to set aside huge chunks of time to start being mentored by The Coaching Revolution. You can start now while you’re working full-time and take your time.
  2. You don’t need more than your coaching qualification to start building your business. The skills you needs are business development skills, not more coaching skills.
  3. Coaching directories rarely bring clients (and definitely not in the numbers you need them).
  4. You can start right now. Right now….

We Have Started A Revolution!

The revolution we have started is one that is anchored in success. The success of our mentors and that of our mentees too. Our coaches succeed.

Want to chat about how to start succeeding whilst you’re still working? This is my diary.