I had a conversation with a coach this week who said to me that she didn’t quite understand how we’re not different from the ‘just ONE thing’ gurus. They are the people I disparage on a regular basis for, well, not being honest. This coach was struggling to see how we are unique.

This coach said that she understands that we have a business development process that we teach; isn’t that just one thing?

I was shocked!

Have I not made it abundantly clear how we’re different not just from them, but also from the ‘proven marketing system’ people too? The answer to that question is ‘clearly not’! (Although there’s a blog post here explaining why we’re unique.)

Let me say that by the end of the conversation with the coach, she completely understood why we’re not the same as anyone else, but in case you’ve been thinking it too, let me explain.

We’re Not About One Thing

For us, very coach is unique. All coach have had different experiences, careers, lives etc. Each coach will have discovered coaching in their own way and as coaches, they each have their personal approach, and add their personality to their coaching. Coaches all have different aspirations regarding their coaching businesses too. 

Because of all these things, The Coaching Revolution treats mentees as individuals.

How We Differ:

The ‘just ONE THING’ gurus will sell you an online programme that you have to tweak and apply to your own business. It’s up to you to make it work, or figure out why it isn’t working for you.

The Coaching Revolution’s programme is delivered live, and 1:1. There is no tweaking required on your part. You and your mentor talk about your business only. Your mentor will help you to identify what’s not working, and offer suggestions – based on experience – about how to ‘tweak’ what’ you’re doing.

The ‘just ONE THING’ gurus often make promises that are, frankly, fraudulent (remember that coach I spoke to recently who had spent $30k on the promise of earning 5-figures in the first month?).

The Coaching Revolution’s promise is this; our business development process works. We’ve proved it across industries and continents. We’ll do our part in helping you to understand what you need to know, and what you need to do. If you do it, consistently, it will work. Is it a quick fix? No, of course not. Different clients take different lengths of time to secure (eg: procurement processes in large organisations take longer to navigate than a 1:1 individual, who can make a decision in the moment), but all kinds of clients can be won using our process.

The guru offers a one-size-fits all solution.

Our solutions are tailored for each individual coach.

We Don’t Offer a ‘Proven Marketing System’

‘Proven marketing system’ organisations sell you a presentation that is generic. They’ll teach you how to deliver it and insist that you can make it personal by adding in ‘your story’. However, it means that there are lots of coaches delivering the same (if slightly personalised) message and very quickly you’ll find people saying ‘oh yes, I’ve already heard this’.

They measure their success not by how well their coaches do, but by. how many of them there are. 

How We’re Different:

‘Proven marketing system’ organisations make it your fault if their system doesn’t work for you. You weren’t the ‘right type of person’, or you ‘didn’t have what it takes’ if you can’t make their creaky old stuff work.

We at The Coaching Revolution measures our success by the success of our mentees and so it is NEVER your fault. What’s more, providing you do your part, our business development process will work for you. We will continually support you to measure and alter course so that you get the results you want

‘Proven marketing system’ companies want you to build their brand. Nothing unique about that, is there?

The Coaching Revolution helps you create and build your own brand. Sometimes we even bring in outside experts to deliver workshops on things like branding. We know that you and your business are unique!

They offer prescriptive materials, and have rules and regulations about what you can and can’t say, and about how you must and mustn’t deliver their materials

Our materials are not remotely prescriptive. They can be delivered to any kind of client, and to either individuals or groups.

The physical materials you hand to clients have the branding of the ‘proven marketing system’ all over them, not your branding. They seek to control what you do, to keep their brand consistent. That consistency of their brand means they dictate what you can do. 

If you have our coaching materials, you’re free to brand them however you want to. In fact, we deliver them to you ‘brandless’ for you to do just that. You can deliver them how and when you like, no rules!


The Coaching Revolution is unique. There is no one else, doing what we do. 

There’s a reason we were referred to as ‘industry disruptors’ only 7 months after we started…

Do you think I could have ‘industry disruptor’ as a job title?