What We Do

The Coaching Revolution supports coaches to create financially successful coaching businesses. The definition of ‘success’ is defined by the individual coach (mentee).

We bridge the skills gap between coaching and the business of coaching in that we teach simple but incredibly effective business development skills.

Why We Do It

The Coaching Revolution was established as an antidote to the nonsense masquerading as business development support and training that is available to coaches.

We do:

  • Provide 1:1 support and accountability
  • Match our mentors carefully with their mentees
  • Provide a pragmatic, practical, step-by-step process for building a coaching business
  • Ensure that every mentee has their own, unique marketing message
  • Support our mentees to create their own ‘rinse and repeat’ formula for generating paying clients

We don’t:

  • Promise a quick fix to your current situation (recently seen: from £0 to £15k in 48 hours!!!!)
  • Offer some cookie-cutter ‘proven marketing system’ that hundreds of other coaches are also using
  • Tell you that hundreds of thousands of people are talking about us (recently seen: 2 million people are interested in our new product!!!!)

How We Do It

Our mentors work with our mentees on a 1:1 basis. They have 10 x sessions via Skype or Zoom.

The purpose of these sessions is:

1.   To identify which clients are the most likely to work with the individual coach. These clients are the ones who will gain the most benefit from working with the coach. This identification is incredibly detailed.

2.   To create a marketing tool kit specifically designed to speak to the clients that the coach wants to attract. This tool kit includes a 40-minute presentation (and 10 and 20 minute versions of the presentation too); everything you need to be able to create content for social media and your blog (if you want one); a consistent marketing message for meaningful conversations.

3.   To reveal where these clients are, both on and offline.

4.   To develop a strategy for creating opportunities to speak to these clients (both literally and virtually).

What Our Ideal Mentee Looks Like

Our ideal mentee is someone who is a coach and is astute enough to have recognised that the skills they lack are business development skills.

They are someone who approaches learning with an open mind.

Our ideal mentee is an action-taker, even when those actions may be fractionally outside their comfort zones.

They ask for help when they need it (we offer it in spades!).

Do You Fit?

Does what we do sound like something you might like to be part of? This is a link to Sarah’s diary, why don’t you book a time to chat?