Christmas Count Down

It’s about perspective since as of today (12 October) it’s 50 working days to Christmas. Actually it’s 72 days to Christmas if you count the weekends. Then again the weekends are so busy just planning the big day and getting through normal life. There’s lots to do, from sorting the menu to buying presents. That’s not to mention devising strategies for getting through the day and still have some festive cheer left over. It will surely tap into your 50 working days as well. Then if we take into account that the first few weeks of December are party season  (and so don’t really count) and the working day count can get down to 34.

That’s 34 days left to generate your income for the rest of the year.

Good business planning will usually mean that you’ve achieved your revenue target by now or in the next few of weeks. You’ll have planned for that. Sometimes these plans don’t work out. That’s where a dose of reality before the season of goodwill sets in is crucial. So how many days can you do meaningful work between now and then? If the maximum is 34 working days, realistically how many of those can you actually work? And what does ‘work’ mean in that context? Marketing, selling or delivering?

Post-Christmas Planning

Given the time of year your plans are maybe  in place to launch the 2019 campaigns to promote the workshops or seminars that you’ve been developing. You’ll certainly be delivering the coaching sessions and programs you sold earlier this year. When it comes to actually selling between now and the end of the year there is no reason to expect a bonanza. Whatever level your sales have been at until now, expect similar. The Q4 hockey stick is never what it’s held out to be.

We tell our clients to plan, to be realistic about their goals and objectives. We need to remember to apply the same guidance to ourselves sometimes. Often we can do it ourselves, other times not. That’s our reason for being. At the Coaching Revolution we work with you to define your model, set your strategy and build a successful business through planning not wishful thinking. Christmas comes but once a year – every year! So there’s no reason it should sneak up and become the excuse for missing targets, objectives or missing out on the joys of life.