I would like to start by nailing my colours to the mast? I don’t like the expression ‘attraction marketing’. It’s ironic that I don’t, because not only it is the method of marketing that The Coaching Revolution uses, it’s also what we teach.

Why I Hate The Term ‘Attraction Marketing’

One problem is that those two words ‘attraction marketing’ seem to imply that there’s no work to be done. That somehow, the coach can sit and emote and they will magically attract clients. Nothing could be further from the truth!

The other problem with the phrase attraction marketing is that it’s spookily close to the Law Of Attraction. Again, there is the impression that the Law Of Attraction means that you get clear on what you want, give the universe your shopping list and then sit back and wait for it to arrive. Again, this is just not so. Whether you believe in the Law Of Attraction or not, I can assure you that taking action is a big part of ‘receiving’ and so reaching your goals.

What Is Attraction Marketing?

Attraction marketing is the opposite of pushy selling; which is great.

Pushy selling = BUY MY STUFF!! BUY MY STUFF!! BUY MY STUFF!! and it makes us coaches feel unwell to even think about it.

Attraction marketing is sharing content – articles, posts, opinions, blogs, videos, podcasts; those are all things that come under the banner of ‘content’ – that is valuable to the kind of client you want to work with. The kind of client you want to work with is called your ideal client and if you haven’t defined one yet, you’re missing a trick.

Valuable Content?

What does valuable mean?

Valuable content is content that gets an emotional connection from your ideal client. It’s content that speaks directly to them, and says ‘hey you! I understand you, and the problems you have. That these problems are negatively impacting your life and your wellbeing. I also know that I can help you eliminate these problems, should we talk?’

Valuable content should be shared in places where your ideal client is. That’s the marketing part.

Valuable content attracts enquiries from that kind of client. They hop into your inbox and say ‘gosh! You’re talking about me! Could we have a chat please?’. That’s the attraction part.

Attraction Marketing Is Comfortable

Pushy selling is not comfortable. Pushy selling is squirmy, grubby, and the thought of being obliged to do it keeps coaches awake at night.

Attraction marketing is comfortable. It plays to the strengths of the coach and it attracts exactly the kind of client they want to work with.

Do you need to learn new skills to use attraction marketing? Yes, of course, you do. It’s something you’re not familiar with, so there’s a learning process to go through.

Is it hard? Not really. It takes time to learn, and time to build up an audience of people who match your ideal client profile. However, once that pipeline of inbound enquiries starts flowing (and providing you keep up with the content creation and posting) it flows nicely, and forever.