Who are The Coaching Revolution clients, our mentees?


Our clients come from a wide range of backgrounds and experience. This is a list of some of the professional backgrounds of our mentees:

  • Medical
  • Accounting
  • The armed forces
  • Sales
  • Corporate
  • Law
  • Business (self-employed)
  • Banking
  • Probation service
  • Teaching
  • Human resources
  • Acting
  • Agile coaching
  • Cruise ships
  • Psychology

I could go on, but I think you probably get the picture? These people have coaching in common, but otherwise come from all walks of life.

What Do Our Mentees Have In Common?

Our clients all realised, that whilst it may be entirely possible to create a coaching business using trial and error-based marketing, it is a far better bet to learn how to create a business from those who have already walked the path – and are still walking it.

Some may have come from a place of having given coaching away for free in the belief that this would generate paying clients, and realised that it doesn’t (certainly not enough to live off the proceeds).

They may have shared lots (and lots!) on social media, where they talked about coaching and how it can help you to reach your goals, or overcome limiting beliefs. What they will have discovered is that this doesn’t generate paying clients either.

What they all have in common is that they wanted a marketing method that actually works!

When Is The Best Time To Start Working With Us?

In an ideal world, our clients start with us as they reach the end of their coaching course. 

The reason for this is that newly qualified coaches are usually ‘champing at the bit’ to get started with their coaching business. This is the best time to get your head around how to create a coaching business in a proper, sustainable way.

However, many of our mentees have been qualified for a while and only just found us. That’s ok too.

Why Is The Coaching Revolution Different?

There are organisations and individuals out there who promise the earth regarding business building in the coaching sphere. They use language like ‘it will be a breeze’ and ‘you’ll be an elite coach’, or they imply that you need to know ‘this ONE thing’ in order to be successful. You may have heard me rant about them on occasion (!!).

We don’t work like that.

The Coaching Revolution teaches a solid business development process that generates inbound enquiries for coaches in any field of coaching. 

We won’t send you out to hustle or be a pushy sales-person because it isn’t necessary (and it feels grubby!).

We support you to generate enquiries from individuals who are exactly the kind of people you want to work with. 

This Sounds Too Good To Be True!

The reason our business process isn’t too good to be true is because there is work to be done. 

Before you get those enquiries, you have lots of work to do. Fortunately, with The Coaching Revolution, that’s work that’s supported by those who have done it already.

Simple, yes. Easy, no.

The process is simple. Doing it takes effort – and effort is never easy, right? 

This diagram shows the process. (ICA = ideal client avatar)

What We Require From You

  • Are you able to follow a process, whilst having your hand held (metaphorically!) by a mentor who has already followed that process? If so, we can work with you.
  • Do you do what you say you’re going to do, by the date you said you’re going to do it? Then we can work with you.
  • Do you want to belong to a fantastic community of like-minded coaches, who are all focused on building a sustainable business? You’ve found it.
  • If you are looking for a quick and easy way to build a coaching business, then we’re notfor you.

Would you like to chat? This is our diary. Feel free to talk to any of us, Mandy, Kathryn or me.