We Don’t Work With Everyone

If you look at our website to see what we do, you may notice that there’s no button that allows you to ‘buy it now’. I’m often asked why this is, so let me explain.

We don’t work with everyone.

We are very choosy about who we work with. Having a coaching qualification isn’t enough on its own to give you access to our mentoring programme.

We Don’t Do It For You

The Coaching Revolution mentoring programme isn’t a ‘done for you’ programme. Our mentees are supported, mentored and guided through the process of creating a financially viable business. They are hugely appreciative of the work that the mentors put into what we do to make sure that they have everything they need to succeed. However, crucially, the work to build their business has to be done by the mentee.

Our mentors give ‘above the call of duty’ input into The Coaching Revolution, both for the individual mentees and also for the community. What the mentors don’t do is build businesses for mentees.

Our Mentees Are ALL Raving Fans

If you see a testimonial from a mentee of ours, they have a name and usually contact details too (their LinkedIn profile at the very least). You will never see a quote from someone indefinable. You know the sort of thing: “Fred from London thinks The Coaching Revolution is wonderful”; or “I’m so excited about the future, says Susan from Manchester”. This is because we have real people who are delighted to talk about what they are doing. We don’t need to invent quotes.

Mentees don’t spend money with us and then fail. All our mentees can succeed providing that they put in the work, consistently. Some will take longer than others, but they can all succeed.

Our mentees all know that the mentors go above and beyond the call of duty. We are all completely committed to helping them to build their businesses.

We want our mentees to feel supported and to succeed because we want our mentees to be raving fans of The Coaching Revolution. In fact, the ‘full circle’ for us is when a mentee becomes a mentor. This process involves them putting the process into action and creating a viable business. Once that is done, the mentee may be invited to become a mentor in order to teach other coaches what they know.

We don’t want our mentees to fail. If they fail, we have failed…

Why We Don’t Have A ‘Buy It Now’ Button On Our Website

I’m sure that you can see from what I’ve written, we need mentees who are action takers and that is why you can’t simply ‘buy now’.

If joining The Coaching Revolution was simply a matter of parting with cash, then we would doubtless end up with mentees who will fail. Someone who just clicks and pays, may not be right for us. They may be the sort of people who talk the talk, but don’t actually do anything. Those are not the right kind of people for us.

Let’s face it, how many times have you bought something on a whim – even when it’s expensive – and then never done anything with it? (I’m thinking of online courses in particular.)

Potential mentees have to actually speak to us and persuade us that they will bring to the party the two things that are absolutely essential in a mentee. These are an open mind and the willingness to take the actions agreed with their mentor (even when those actions are outside their comfort zone).

Those are the only two things you need to bring because we can provide the rest.

Are you the right sort of person to become a Coaching Revolution mentee and finally develop your coaching business to a financially viable level? Why not book a call with us to find out?