The Qualified Coach

There are some amazing coaching courses out there. They’re pricey too. What they have in common is that they teach coaching skills. By the time you finish your qualification, you’ve grown in strides in skills such as listening; questioning; reflecting; challenging. You’ve become a professional who can hold a mirror up to your client and help them to see how much more they could be, once they get past their limiting beliefs.

What you don’t have at the end of coach school are honed business development skills. You may have been given some ‘high level’ business development advice – like deliver a fabulous first session for free and they’ll want to pay you to coach them or even you need an ideal client and a niche and then you market there – but you don’t really get any more detail than that.

I know of literally hundreds of coaches who have delivered free sessions until they have lost the will to continue, who have then gone back to employment. Yes, they picked up a couple of clients, but not enough to create an income they could live on.

The thing about ideal clients and niches is spot on. However, knowing that ideal clients and niches are marketing terms and something that you should have, and actually understanding how to create them are two very different things.

The Coaching Revolution mentors support qualified (or nearly qualified) coaches specifically in business development. We don’t teach you how to coach – you already know that – we teach you how to get clients. Specifically we teach you how to get however many clients you want in order that you can earn the income you want/need so that you can coach for a living.

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The Aspiring Coach

We have recently completely revamped our ‘aspiring coach’ offering, based on feedback from hundreds of people we’ve spoken to.

The Coaching Revolution now offers absolutely everything you need to move from where you are now, to having a thriving coaching business – your own personal brand, not some cookie cutter nonsense.

That everything includes:

  • 10 sessions of 1:1 mentoring from someone who has already succeeded in doing what you want to do.
  • An ICF ACC course so that while you’re building your business, you’re building your coaching skills too.
  • Fabulous coaching materials so that you have workshops and a personal coaching framework to deliver as soon as you’re ready (clue – you don’t have to have finished your qualification. In fact, you can use your coaching hours towards your qualification!)
  • We have a community of like-minded individuals all working towards the same goal. This community meets online and face-to-face too. We have weekly training sessions online too.
  • There is online training portal that covers all the business stuff that you need to know that isn’t to do with marketing your coaching practice.
  • An entire supported, marketing training programme, that’s in addition to your mentor work. You’ll learn how to create your own brand; how to develop a marketing strategy for both on and off line marketing activities; you’ll understand what you need to do and when to attract those clients who are most likely to work with you. All this is delivered by a marketing professional with 30+ years experience in the industry.
  • Your own website, domain name and 12 month’s hosting (from a fantastic UK-based provider) as well as 1:1 online training on how to use/update it with your own brand and material. (Training videos provided too so you can go back later!)

If this sounds like something you’d like to know more about, you can find more information here. However, if you’ve heard enough and you’d just like to talk to me, my diary is here.