The Power Of Intention

We know that intention needs to be followed by action to succeed. However if you set the wrong intention the action doesn’t really matter. You are not going to achieve your goal. And what about that goal? We tend to set that linear, singular task and focus on making that happen. Sometimes to the exclusion of all else. While we might achieve that goal, and mostly all of us do to differing degrees, are we missing out? Are there other ways to achieve that goal?

Take for example deciding what you want your income to be. One approach is to set a goal of earning £100,000, a number usually banded about in the coaching world. So we work ten months each year which means £10,000 a month and so on, working through the details. Setting the tasks, defining the schedule, calculating capacity and setting fees. A linear approach and singular focus.

Intention In Action

We see the goal approach and know that it works. However if we consider setting the intention of having £100,000 then we are open to wider possibilities. However unlikely it might seem a distant relative might pass away or your lottery ticket comes up. That old painting might deliver or you might just earn it! The point is not about waiting for things to happen but about being open to other things happening. The intention opens up possibilities while the goal is a binary approach.

The Conscious Difference

While there are different approaches to consciousness, at a simple level it is about awareness. Being aware of different ways of working towards a goal improves the chances of achieving that goal. Much as in the money example above it’s easy to go with the more obvious approaches while discounting others. It much the same in most areas of life. If you are looking for a new role, maybe coaching, it’s easy to get a qualification, any qualification. What does that certificate mean? What can I do with it? How do I create a successful business? At The Coaching Revolution we prick your conscience and we make you aware of the possibilities. We work with you to set your intention, not your goal.