Feeling Unsettled

Our actions determine our path, they are the external display of aspiration and intent. Our aspirations might lie hidden forever. That not to say that we should not aspire to achieve something, to follow our dream. But a dream it will stay if we don’t act. And when we act we let the world know that we are intent on achieving something. Then it’s out there and we feel we have to do something about it. It’s unsettling and therein lies the challenge. We aspire to something we might know little about. Where do we turn to? Books, training courses or people we think are well versed in the subject are all valuable. You have put your thoughts out there, now you need to act.

How do you take that first step to learn about something? I find that there needs to be a purpose. Why bother if you don’t have that purpose. While it need not be grand, it must have meaning for you. Our career is important to most of us. We all want to say we work for a company or I have my own business. The underlying message is ‘I am successful’ whatever that might mean for each of us. If we’ve had a successful career in an organisation most of our training has been provided for us. We’ve had peer support groups and mentors who have the  knowledge and experience we need to tap into. That is very different when we want to set up on our own.

Setting The Actions

We might have that passion or hobby to convert into a business that delivers the income stream we aspire to. Maybe we might just need to change direction. Either way we need a plan of some sort and the drive to make it happen. Plans seldom turn out as expected which is no bad thing. While a plan is good to get started but it the result of the actions that make the difference.

What actions can you take to get started? Well, does your new product or service meet a need? Some research, whether talking to individuals, industry organisations or simply reading through industry publications, usually provides some initial answers. That will tell you if there is a demand. Will that demand support a fledging business, how do you tap into it and what delivery approach is best? Then, what skills, qualifications or certifications you need to create credibility in your chosen field? You might already have some, a great start. That’s not to even mention the business side of things at this stage.

It all points to talking to people who have done it before, similar to the mentors in your previous organisations. One of the first actions you should consider is talking to us.