Certificates Don’t Paper Over The Cracks: Use Experience

You are a coach and you run a coaching business. After all the effort of transitioning from your previous possibly fully employed role, you are a start-up running a coaching business. The path you chose to become a coach might have comprised of numerous courses and multiple training schools. The more training courses we complete the more confident we are that we are now that shiny new person because the certificates say so. And that’s fine but don’t forget all the experience you have build up over the years.

You are starting a new business, a coaching business, and that’s hard because starting any business is hard. You probably know, because your experience has seen you work with various companies who have never stood still. Always planning, always testing new things. Your new coaching business is no different. It takes planning, testing, focus and a vision. That vision need not be grand but it must be clear. The more clarity the better the chances of success, whatever that means to you.

Vanilla Is OK For Ice Cream

Where do you start and what are the first steps, because your new tools tell you what to do, not how. Therefore that know-how needs to come from you. This is where you draw on your unique life path or in this case your new business plan. Think of the schools you attended, the companies you worked for and the friends you’ve made.Your life experience makes you who you are today. Therefore all this experience and knowledge must go into the mix as you grow your coaching business. If you don’t put you into it your plan then your business is a vanilla coaching business like many out there. That’s why so many coaching businesses never make it past the first year.

You don’t need to be an expert in business operation, a marketing guru or a financial wizard. It might help if you are, who knows. What helps is to remember the good and the bad of how you got to where you are today. Then put that into the plan. That plan can be a set of bullet points or a long masterful document. The key is in the execution and we all know that very little goes to plan, so allow yourself to be flexible and go with the flow. Things happen, be ready to take them on an keep moving towards your goal.

At The Coaching Revolution we know how we got here. We have know-how, processes and experience to support your coaching business growth. So, you coach your clients and we coach you on business growth. That way we both do what we are good at.