Can Anyone See You? Are you visible to the kind of client you want to work with? Or are you visible to everyone (or you’d like to think you are?!)

You Can’t Find Clients If You’re Not Visible

You’ve completed your coaching qualification and things aren’t going quite as well as you hoped…. The dozens of clients who you expected to be working with by now haven’t materialised. In fact, if you’ve got more than 3 clients, you’re doing well…

This wasn’t how it was supposed to be, was it? You want to coach for a living, and yet the whole world seems to be conspiring to stop you!

The people you talk to about coaching don’t seem to understand what you mean, which is odd, because you absolutely can help them reach goals, overcome limiting beliefs and you can hold a space for them to think. So why don’t they seem to care?

You Need To Earn An Income

The issue that you’re facing – or are going to face very soon – is that your coaching business isn’t making any money. And we all need to live, right?

Your partner is wondering when you’re going to start earning, and you keep trying to explain that you’re doing the spade-work, the things necessary to grow your coaching business. They’re getting fed up, because, well, you’ve been saying this for ages and you still haven’t earned any money…..

You’ve got your branding sorted, you’ve created you website, you had your photos taken, you’ve set up your social media platforms…. So where on earth are the clients that should surely follow? The thing you need to consider is, are you visible?

Is It Time To Quit?

You may well have reached, or at least be in sight of, the end of the road. You simply can’t think of what else to do, and you’re coming up empty every time.

  • The clients that you were so looking forward to working with, are just not there.
  • Your partner is at their wit’s end
  • You’ve reached the end of being able to justify more time and energy doing things that just don’t work…
  • The coaching industry is saturated, it’s as simple as that!

Your Coaching Clients Are Waiting For You, But Are You Visible To Them?

I have some good news. Your coaching clients are waiting for you…. They are there, just out of sight, waiting for you to become visible to them. I can absolutely guarantee that what I say is true, because we’ve helped coach, after coach find their clients.

We support coaches from all over the world, to build financially viable coaching businesses. Our 1:1 mentoring is our core product, it’s the thing we’re known best for. The reason for that is that we’re incredibly good at what we do.

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