We have a selection process that we follow when we talk to people who express an interest in finding out more about The Coaching Revolution. It is designed to sort out the wheat from the chaff.

Our selection process is designed to find those who are the right people, rather than those who can simply afford our fees. It’s why we offer interest-free payment plans.

We have three tests that all our mentees have to pass before they are allowed to join us. It’s one of the reasons we don’t have a ‘buy it now’ button on our website. You can’t just buy your way into our programme, you have to earn your way in.

Step One

Someone books a call with us. To be clear, it is an active choice that people make, to book a call with us to have a conversation about working together.

There are 4 of us around the world who speak to people who are interested in joining us. We have an online diary and people can book an appointment into our diary.

This is the first test.

You will receive a couple of confirmation emails from us and you’ll also get a text the day before your appointment, from our lovely coach co-ordinator Jess to remind you that you’ve got a call booked.

If you don’t pick up the phone when we call you, what we learn from this is that despite you choosing the time and being offered several ways of cancelling the call, you are the sort of person who doesn’t do things you’ve committed to doing. Appointments with those who don’t answer when we call will not be routinely rebooked.

We do of course, appreciate that ‘life happens’ and that there could be any number of genuine reasons why you failed to answer the phone. What we look for is to see if you come to us to explain. If you do, we’re always very happy to accommodate another call. If you don’t, well, we’ve learned everything we need to know about you.

Step Two

This is the second test.

We have a conversation with you.

In it, you tell us all about you and your coaching. We talk about what you’ve done, what you want to do and where you’d like to end up with your coaching business.

We tell you all about us; about why The Coaching Revolution was founded and how we work with coaches to create financially viable coaching businesses.

If we’re singing from the same hymn sheet, we’ll be happy to send you more information. We’ll agree a time and date to catch up again to answer your questions (see Step Three).

At this stage, we make it quite clear what we we expect from our mentees and why.

What We Expect

Why: The Coaching Revolution measures its success, by the success of the coaches we work with. We have a vested interest in our mentees succeeding – our reputation depends upon it. Therefore, we need to know the following:

What: Our mentees bring to the party the following three things:

  1. A coaching qualification either completed or nearly completed – or the willingness to take one.
  2. An open mind. You may find that you’re asked by your mentor to do something that you find odd, or that you question. Our process is very structured and we know that what we teach works. We need to know that you can follow instructions.
  3. Most importantly of all: The willingness to take the action that you agree with your mentor at the end of each mentoring session.

What we coaches know is that it’s all about the action-taking. In theory we should be good at taking action, right? However, the other thing we are is human and sometimes, our human side is not an action-taker.

We don’t work with the latter sort of people. we work with action-takers.

Step Three

When we ring you for a second call, this is your opportunity to ask all your questions. Here is where you can discuss everything else you want to know about us. No holds barred.

This is the third test.

If you don’t answer the phone, we won’t try to get back to you. 

In failing to answer, you’ve failed to pass our test. Again, if life has happened, we are happy to reschedule. However you have to let us know, we won’t chase you.

If, when we speak, you say that you ‘haven’t had chance to look at the material yet’; then you’re out of the game.

You knew we were calling and you knew what action was expected of you by the time that we did. If you weren’t able to give that action the priority you promised that you would, you are not mentee material.

If however, you let us know that you wouldn’t be able to talk, or you get back to us in a timely fashion because ‘life’s happened’, we are happy to reschedule this second call.

Step Four

If during the above process, you show that you are indeed someone who does what they say they will do and in the time-frame that you said you would do it, then we are happy to agree terms with you. 

You will be assigned to a mentor, and your journey to success will begin.

We will be delighted to say; Welcome to The Coaching Revolution!