I Can’t Coach Because My Website Isn’t Ready

I can’t coach because my website isn’t ready and many other excuses I have heard…..

Let me tell you something. I have spoken to hundreds and hundreds of coaches over the past 4 years. Some of the coaches to whom I have spoken have been brand-newbies, clutching their shiny certificates of coaching qualification, others have been much more experienced. There are a few I’ve talked to who are yet to start their coaching qualification.

The thing that all of these coaches have in common is that they have been looking for a framework within which to operate. Self-employment is all very well, but it can be a lonely business. It can also be a time-consuming business and having someone and something to turn to is very reassuring.

Where’s My Structure? I Need A Structure!

When you’ve been employed for years, you’re used to being given the work you need to do and getting on with it. When you’re self-employed, you have to create the work and then get on with it. There’s a world of difference between these two places – one has a structure, the other does not.

The employed are not only provided with the work to do, but they get paid whether or not they actually do it (to an extent anyway) and so if other matters take precedence, that’s often acceptable, providing it’s work related. ‘Work related’ can mean researching a change in the law, or best practice, it can be taking the latest course and updating your skills – you get paid to do all of that.

The self-employed coach can spend a week trying to suss out the changes to the VAT rules and whether or not they are affected. We self-employed don’t get paid for spending a week sussing stuff out. Self-employed coaches can go on courses to update their skills, but not only will they not be paid for this, it will actually cost them money.

Employed people can take a 15-minute breather and chat to the person on the next desk, or stretch their legs and go to get a cup of coffee and have a conversation at the same time – a way of allowing your brain to recalibrate before you get back to work. The self-employed don’t usually have the luxury of another human being with them.

I Can’t Start Coaching Until……

The other thing the self-employed coach is brilliant at, is being busy without being productive. “I can’t start coaching until I’ve decided on the structure of my new company and I can’t decide whether sole-trader or limited company is the way to go”. I’ve known coaches then spend 6 weeks researching the options before committing. “I can’t start coaching yet, because my website isn’t ready” is another, by coaches who spend thousands of pounds and many weeks creating a website that is, frankly unnecessary.

I Need A Coaching Website

“What?” I hear you cry in horror! “But all coaching businesses need a website, don’t they? It’s 2017!”. Actually, they don’t because the vast majority (around 99%) of coaching clients are engaged from face-to-face contact. Clients don’t usually choose a coach from a website – they buy the person. To start with, a good LinkedIn profile is all you need. That, and the gumption to get up and get out to talk to potential clients.

And there’s the rub. Where to go to find these potential clients – and just as importantly, what to say to them when you get there. This is where coaches need the structure and framework most of all.

Welcome To The Structure And The Support:

The Coaching Revolution deals with all of these problems, in one, wonderful supportive community. We are the structure and framework. We’re a ‘hive mind’ of professionals with hugely varied backgrounds and experience. You need to know about whether the VAT rules apply to you? Just ask (that saves a week or two!). You want to know where to go to find your perfect customers? Just ask; attend a training session (face-to-face or online) and find out. You want to know what to say when you get there? Let us help you.

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