Community Matters

Community is important. One of the highlights of my week is Friday evening where I meet up with a load of old friends down the pub and we talk about the week. We often talk a load of old rubbish really but mixed in with that I do manage to keep abreast of what is going on in the small town where I live.
  • what’s happening in people’s families,
  • their work,
  • holidays,
  • gossip,
  • the progress of various sporting teams,
  • the state of the world (it’s always in a much better state once we’ve put it to rights)

Other Ways Of Interacting

We can instantly keep in touch with our friends who aren’t down the pub on a Friday (good job they aren’t really, we’d have to get a bigger pub).  We can Facebook (what is the verb?), WhatsApp (ditto) Tweet – it’s all out there.
So with no fuss I’m instantly part of a community, who’ll remember things, and tell me things, because they know I’m interested.  We can talk (post, message) about what’s good, bad, different, new and every once in a while something really useful because it’ll tap into someone’s area of expertise.

Why Is Community Important?

When you start out with a new business the amount of stuff out there is overwhelming.  Need an accountant and a quick google will give you hundreds.  What about an insurance broker, a solicitor, business start up advice, possible funding streams, website designers, printers so much stuff.  And that’s just the technical and legal stuff, what about what you actually have the passion to do, what about that?  Well again there’s plenty of places you can go for advice, for qualifications, for endorsement even for accreditation – it must be easy, there are hundreds out there, mustn’t it?
And when your actually in business, the coach, the consultant, the expert there’s so many places where you can go to keep up to date with all that’s happening in your chosen sphere.  In fact there’s so much happening out there that you can pretty much fill a working week just by keeping abreast of, well, what’s happening.

Why You Need Community More Now You’re Self-Employed

But it wasn’t like that when you worked for a company was it?  You didn’t have to spend 40 hours just keeping up with all the new and different things happening in the exciting and fast moving world of flange sprocket manufacture.  Why? Because just like my Friday night’s we don’t exist individually in a bubble, in a vacuum.  We’re interlinked beings belonging to a community.

We ARE That Community!

Now, what if that community is specifically tailored to our career, our vocation, our passion?  Where we can meet, chat, gossip, find out what’s new, keep in touch, plan, dream collaborate.  Well this community is just one of the many benefits members enjoy at The Coaching Revolution™ by Coaches Supporting Coaches; a whole new way of looking at the business of coaching.