Is the coaching industry saturated? No – it absolutely isn’t!

I’d argue that there aren’t enough coaches. The reason that I say that is because coaching is life-changing. It changed mine, so I’m speaking from experience.

Why then, are there so many coaches who struggle to get clients? I’ll even hazard a guess that we all know loads of people who call themselves coaches, who have no clients?


Marketing a coaching business is simple. It involves deciding upon who you’re going to work with (no, that’s not a niche and here’s an article here that explains why) and what they need to hear to understand why they should work with you.

What I know to be true is that as a coach, it’s easy to become lost in the mire of sales funnels, websites, lead magnets, email lists… I could go on.


What I also know to be true is that there’s a lot of free stuff out there. An awful lot.

One issue with the free stuff is that it’s there to whet your appetite to work with someone. That’s what it’s for, of course. What the free stuff lacks is accountability.

Another issue is that most free stuff seems to contradict itself.

Let’s be brutally honest. If it was enough to watch/read/listen to free stuff, the global statistic of 82% failure for coaching businesses wouldn’t be true, would it?


We created The Coaching Revolution specifically because the founders had experience of organisations that said they helped coaches to build businesses, but actually didn’t. These organisations took £$£$£$£$£ from coaches and offered them words, but no substance in return.

The thing is, creating opportunities to deliver coaching isn’t actually complicated. In fact, it’s very simple.

The clearer your message, the easier it is for people to understand what you do and why they need it.

Learn A New Language

You might have read my thoughts on how coaches talk in ‘coach-speak’ which is a language that they understand. Sadly, potential clients don’t speak it, or understand it. (If you haven’t read it them you’ll find them here)

We teach you how to speak in the language of your potential clients. It makes no difference who your client is, we can teach you to speak their language.

Best of all is the fact that what we teach is the very same process that we’ve used to grow The Coaching Revolution from an idea that Paul, Hank and I had around my kitchen table, to a global company, in under 2 years.

Perhaps the best use of language right now, might be for us to have a conversation?

This is my diary. It costs nothing at all for us to talk and just think what you might gain!